Lots of Joovy Reviews Coming Soon!

I love Joovy. Seriously. There aren’t many baby companies that impress me quite the way that Joovy does.

I first fell in love with Joovy back in 2008 when I won a Joovy Caboose through a Virtual Baby Shower. We used that stroller all the time – and in fact, we still use it quite often. Anytime we’re planning on doing a lot of walking, this stroller goes with us.

Then, in November of last year, I got the chance to review the Joovy Scooter X2. LOVED that stroller, but I ended up giving it to a friend so that she could raffle it off and raise money to adopt a baby. I figured it was the least I could do, and I know that stroller ended up making someone very happy.

In November, I also got the chance to review the Joovy Bicycoo. Parker loves this balance bike, and any time he’s outside, you’ll find him riding it. He does so great on it, and he’ll be moving up to a 2 wheel bike soon – with no training wheels, thanks to the Bicycoo!

This week, Joovy sent me a whole bunch of packages, and I can’t wait to get started on the reviews for them!

Want to know what I’ll be reviewing soon?

First is the Joovy Footcot. We have such a hard time with Parker staying in his bed, that we are hoping having his own little cot to sleep on will help him want to stay in bed. We’ll be trying out the Footcot for the next few nights, and I’ll be letting you know what Parker thinks of it.

Then, I’ll be reviewing the Joovy StepTool. I can already tell that I am going to love having this in the house. It’s great for helping Parker reach the sink to wash his hands, and I can use it to reach the spice cupboard above the microwave. 🙂 Be on the lookout for my review of the StepTool soon.

After that, I’ll be reviewing the Joovy Loo. Ok, so just the name cracks me up. But, soon, it’ll be time for potty training Gage, and I am certain that we’ll get lots of use out of the Loo.

Then, sometime soon I’ll also be reviewing theBabaSling. Since we’re expecting in February, it may be awhile before you see this review… but I can’t wait to test out this sling. I may not be able to contain myself, and may end up reviewing it with Gage just to see how much I love it. 🙂 {By the way – that’s a test to see how many of my readers are paying attention! I haven’t made the formal announcement yet, so you’ll have to catch it here.}

I hope you’ll come back and read about all the fabulous Joovy products I’ll be reviewing. I’m off to play with all the new stuff they sent us. 🙂

Holiday Guide: Joovy Bicycoo {Review}

I’ll admit it: When I first saw the Bicycoo from Joovy, I was skeptical. How was riding a bike with no pedals better than a bike with training wheels?

Then, we got the Bicycoo, and I totally understood.Joovy Bicycoo

Parker is 3, but has been trying for months to ride a 2 wheel bike. He wants nothing to do with his tricycle or a bike with training wheels. He wants his own 2-wheel bike. Imagine the surprise when he saw the picture of the Bicycoo on the box.

My intentions were to keep the bike hidden from Parker. My oldest son, Zander, still has a hard time riding a 2 wheel bike, and I was planning to do the review with him – without Parker ever knowing, and then I’d present the Bicycoo to Parker for Christmas.

Didn’t work out that way. Hubby went into the basement to set the bike up one afternoon. {Note: It literally took him 2 minutes to set the bike up. That was the easiest assembly process ever.} He put the Bicycoo behind my photography backdrop and the box on the back deck – all so Parker wouldn’t see it. Jace and Parker went down to play in the basement – something they often do. I figured everything was hidden away, and the plan would stick.


I went downstairs to throw a load of clothes in the washer, and here’s the conversation that took place:

Parker: “Mom, mom! Guess what?!”
Me: “What, honey?”
Parker: “Santa brought me a bike…… Or CPS did. I don’t know. But I have a bike.” {Note: CPS = UPS}
Me:  “A bike? Really? How do you know?”
Parker: “Jace told me. There’s a picture on the box.”
Me: “Oh, honey – that’s just a box. There’s nothing in it.”
Parker: “I know! The bike is right here!” {He lifts up the backdrop to show me the bike.}

Parker on his BicycooSo, there went that Christmas present, but I’m actually glad. I wanted to see how Parker would do on the Bicycoo so that I could give you a thorough review. Now I can. 🙂

There’s so much I love about the Bicycoo:

  • The Size – Parker is small, but he has absolutely no problem walking running this bike around the house. But, even Zander – my tall, skinny 8 year old can balance on it. We just have to raise the seat a little bit.
  • The Design – It just looks cool. Parker loves that he has his very own two wheel bike, and it looks just like his big brothers’ and sisters’ bikes.
  • The Concept – I love the idea of teaching kids balance without pedals. Right now it’s hard for Parker to get too much of a start on the bike so that he can balance, but we won’t be living here forever. Hopefully our next home will have sidewalks – or at least a paved road and/or driveway. I think once he’s in a more concrete area, he’ll be able to get a running start and lift his feet. Then, it won’t be any time at all before he’s able to ride a 2 wheel bike with pedals.
  • The Weight of the Bike – The bike is so light that Parker can pick it up and move it anywhere he needs to. I’ve even watched him carry it up the stairs so he could ride in the driveway. If it’s light enough for a 3 year old to carry, it’s going to make it that much easier for him to control.

As far as what I would change? I honestly can’t think of a thing. The price is a little steep at $139.99, but it’s totally worth it. This bike will last for years – even after he has learned to ride a two wheel bike, and the craftsmanship is excellent. I would highly recommend this product to any family that is considering purchasing a bike with training wheels. I wish I had one of these for each of my older kids – they probably could have learned to ride so much faster!

Here’s Parker enjoying his Bicycoo:

Joovy Bicycoo

To learn more about the Bicycoo, check out the Joovy Website. I would also recommend you read this post on the Joovy Blog about Balance Bikes.

Disclaimer: I received the product mentioned above from Joovy to facilitate my honest and thorough review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was in no other way compensated for this post.

Holiday Guide: Joovy ScooterX2 {Review}

I’ve been a fan of Joovy for several years now. When I was pregnant with Parker, I won a virtual baby shower. One of the prizes was a double stroller from Joovy. It was the coolest double stroller I’ve ever seen. It had the official Army camo pattern, and it was super easy to set up and toss in the back of our truck. I still use the stroller every time we go tJoovy ScooterX2 double strollero the outlet malls, the park, or just about anywhere.

My one complaint with that stroller is that there’s very little cargo space. With 6 kids, I tend to tote around a lot of stuff: my purse, a big diaper bag, not to mention whatever I buy when I’m actually shopping. The cargo space is quickly filled up, and then I find myself carrying one of the kids so that I can use his seat in the stroller to put more stuff. While it’s not the perfect stroller for shopping, it’s definitely great for everything else. I guess it’s a good thing that I live so far away from any “real” shopping.

Joovy found out about my troubles with the lack of cargo space, so they offered to send me the Joovy ScooterX2 double stroller to review.

Holy Moses. This has to be the coolest stroller ever. There are a few things that I might change, but overall, I love it.

To put this stroller to the ultimate test, I decided to take it up to Walmart the other day. I had to take Zander to the eye doctor, so I needed somewhere to put Gage & Parker. I figured the stroller would be the best way to keep them confined and happy.

The stroller worked great while we were in the eye doctor’s office. Even in the tiny little waiting room, there was still plenty of room for people to walk past the stroller. I didn’t run into a problem until we were walking through the store.

I had promised the kids that if they were good, we would walk through the toy section so they could get an idea of what they wanted to add to their Christmas lists for Santa. Any time we happened upon someone in an aisle, they would glare at me with a look of death and refuse to move their cart so I could pass them. Honestly, I don’t think that even if they had scooted their cart all the way over that I would have gotten through. The aisles are so tight that it’s hard to get 2 carts side by side, let alone a big stroller.double stroller review

I did have one incredibly rude woman comment that a store is no place for a stroller that big. I smiled and just kept walking. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

After an hour in the Vision Center and Walmart, here’s what I love about the stroller:

  • The look of the stroller. It just looks awesome. I love the sleek, contemporary design, and the fun colors available.
  • Ease of Assembly. Even *I* could put this stroller together. And I did. It wasn’t hard to do at all, and it literally took me 5 minutes to have it put together and ready to use.
  • Cargo Space. Oh.My.Word. Talk about cargo space! I’m pretty sure I could fit another kid in the basket underneath and still have room for my diaper bag and my purse. {No, I didn’t actually try to do that, I’m just certain that I could.}
  • Easy to Push. The stroller is really easy to push, even down our gravel road. The only place it got stuck is right at the base of our deck where the gravel is really deep. Other than that, I had no trouble pushing it anywhere – even through doorways and tight spaces.
  • Easy to Fold Up. I’ve had plenty of double strollers in my time, and there’s nothing worse than a stroller that is a pain in the rear to fold up, latch, and put away. That is definitely not the case with this stroller. It’s a one-handed fold, click the safety lock to keep it folded, and then it’s so lightweight that it’s easy to pick up and put it anywhere you need to.
  • The kids love it. When I pull the stroller out, Parker gets so excited! He loves riding in it, and I’ll often catch him holding Gage’s hand while they’re sitting there.
  • The Canopy. It completely covers them, so even in the rain or harsh weather, they’re protected. Plus, there’s a flap on the top, so I can peek through and make sure all is well anytime I want to.

Here’s what I would improve on the ScooterX2:

  • The seats don’t sit all the way up straight. More often than not, I find Parker sitting straight up, and the seat is still so far back. Even with it in the farthest upright position, it’s just not up far enough for his liking {or mine}.
  • I wish it folded smaller. I know, I know. It’s hard to make a big stroller fold into something small. But, when I have 6 kids in the back of my SUV, I’m left with little room to put the stroller. Then, if I’ve done any shopping, I have zero room to put any of the packages. It’s really a bummer. I would take this stroller everywhere, but it would mean I couldn’t put anything else back there. It does, however, fit nicely in my husband’s trunk of his car, so if I just have 3 of the kids and his car, the stroller goes with me.
  • I’d make it just a bit more narrow. It’s really, really big. While it fit through doorways easily, I had a hard time pushing it through the store if there were shopping carts in the aisle.

As you can see, the positives far outweigh the negatives. The negatives are really just nit-picky things that I had trouble with. You may have completely different thoughts when using the stroller for yourself.

double stroller
Overall, I am super-impressed with the Joovy ScooterX2, and I would recommend it to any mom who has a need for lots of cargo space under the stroller. It’s a great little stroller and it fits my needs quite well.

What do you think about the Joovy ScooterX2? Does it look like a stroller you would want to try out?

Disclaimer: I received a Joovy ScooterX2 to facilitate my review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was in no other way compensated for this post.

double stroller