My Interview with Kerri Walsh {Thanks to @Pampers!}

One thing I love about my blog is that I get the opportunity to meet some fantastic people. Monday morning was definitely a highlight in my life, when I got the chance to sit down and interview Kerri Walsh – wife, mother of two, and 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist in beach volleyball.

Ok, ok. So we weren’t exactly sitting in the same room, but I did get to speak with her through the amazing power of technology – and my phone.

Kerri is amazing. She is so down to earth and just as sweet as the Tea the Southerners like to drink. I am still in awe at the fact that little old me got to talk one-on-one with her. {And I simply must mention just how jealous my daughter is. Kerri is someone that Ashley really looks up to, and after I had the opportunity to speak with Kerri, I think she’s an excellent role model for our daughters.}

I hope you’ll take a few moments and watch the video interview. {You won’t see me – just Kerri – but you’ll hear me ask all my questions and talk directly with her.}

She was so easy to talk to – I really could have talked all day! 🙂

What did you think of the interview? What questions would you have asked Kerri?

I am so thankful to Pampers for allowing me the chance to speak one-on-one with Kerri and ask her my questions. I had such a wonderful time, and I am just so honored to have been part of this.

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for this post in any way. Pampers allowed me the opportunity to speak with Kerri Walsh. All photos in this post, as well as the video, are the copyright property of Pampers.