Cory & Summer Prove Age Doesn’t Matter @KAFranchising

My passion in life has always revolved around children: teaching them, nurturing them, caring for them. Even before I became a mom, I loved kids and I knew that someday I wanted to work with children. Little did I know, I’d eventually be a mom to lots of my own children. What a blessing that has been.bullocks

That’s one reason why I found the story of Cory & Summer Bullock so exciting.

Cory & Summer were just 27 and 24 when they opened their Kiddie Academy franchise in 2008, and even as the youngest franchisees in the system, they have achieved tremendous success.

Cory had been in the Navy, and when his time was coming to an end, he and his wife, Summer, started looking into opportunities to open their own business. The researched several different types of franchise industries. Most of the franchise companies they looked into closed the doors to them because of their young age. The Bullocks came across Kiddie Academy on an internet search and requested more information. Soon afterward, they went to the Kiddie Academy headquarters and met with the corporate staff. After six months of searching, Cory and Summer knew they had found the right place for them. They could finally achieve their dream of being business owners together and their love for children thanks to Kiddie Academy.

When the Bullocks first opened their Kiddie Academy franchise, they were faced with the challenge of establishing themselves in their local community and proving that they weren’t running just another “day-care.”

They accepted the challenge and ran with it. They have become recognized and respected in their community and have formed solid relationships with the families they serve all while maintaining high enrollment numbers. They’ve watched children grow and advance, and they hope to continue expanding their current academy with the possibility of opening a new location in the future.

I admire the Bullocks and all they’ve been able to accomplish. They are proof positive that age doesn’t matter. A little hard work can help make your dreams come true.

If you want to learn more about Kiddie Academy, and how to start your own franchise, check out their website:

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kiddie Academy. The opinions and ideas expressed are 100% my own.

Kiddie Academy – Success for a Mother/Daughter Team

Kiddie Academy
You may have noticed the banner in my sidebar for Kiddie Academy, and you may have been wondering what it’s all about. Today, I’m going to tell you more about Kiddie Academy and the wonderful opportunity they are giving so many families.

Kiddie Academy® has been a leader in educationally focused daycare for more than 30 years, with centers across the United States.

Moms know that childcare is an in-demand, steady growth industry. They might not realize that the education-based childcare sector is growing even faster. With the support of a strong franchisor, education-based childcare is a great opportunity for positive short- and long-term results for franchisees.

Kiddie Academy upholds a commitment to measured, strategic growth and works to support the ongoing success of each individual academy.

I want to share with you the story of Shanie & Judy. This mother/daughter team opened their Kiddie Academy franchise in 2009, and have had great success. Their decision to start a franchise came after Shanie had a difficult time finding adequate childcare in the area for her daughters. After 6 years of running an in-home child care service, Shanie and her mother were disappointed with the child care options that were available to them. They started discussing starting their own day care center, and decided that a franchised child care organization was the best bet. They started researching companies and were immediately impressed with Kiddie Academy’s website and vision. It wasn’t long after a visit to the Kiddie Academy corporate headquarters that they opened their own franchise.

Shanie and Judy share a common goal: Providing children with a safe, nurturing place to learn and grow, all while provinding parents with the service and consideration they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Shanie and Judy have had their challenges, the largest being finding staff that had a level of passion for children and education matched their own. They’ve overcome this challenge by providing staff training, positive reinforcement, and leading by example.

Every day, Judy and Shanie see the results of their hard work and dedication — from the smiling faces of their students to the parents who trust Kiddie Academy to care for their children. They have created an environment that is warm and welcoming with stellar customer service, which is consistently praised by their current families. As an added testament to their success, they received the 2009 New Academy of the Year award at Kiddie Academy’s annual conference. Way to go, Shanie and Judy!

Kiddie Academy is growing right now, and they are looking for new franchisees in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Imagine for a moment how great it would be to run your own business and work with someone you love. You would impact the lives of children daily, and you could be such a blessing to so many little lives.

After working in daycare myself for many, many years, I have to say that Kiddie Academy blows me away. Their commitment to children, their dedication to parents, I am super impressed.

If you want to learn more about Kiddie Academy, and how to start your own franchise, check out their website:

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kiddie Academy. The opinions and ideas expressed are 100% my own.