Would You Consider Lap Band Surgery?

You are all aware that I have made some major life changes lately. I am eating better, exercising daily, and doing my best to live a healthy, active lifestyle. After all, I have 6 sets of eyes watching every move I make. Do I really want them to see me sitting on the couch all day drinking can after can of diet soda? Not at all. I want to be able to play with them, take long walks, and enjoy every moment I have here on Earth. My hope is that they will learn from my experiences, and maybe they can prevent ever becoming overweight in the first place.

Last week, I had someone ask me if I would ever consider having lap band surgery. Honestly? If I were having a harder time losing weight, or if I were still morbidly obese, then yes, I probably would consider such a surgery. I know several people that have had the lap band surgery, and each one of them are well on their way to healthier lifestyles. I admire the steps they have taken in their lives and hope this is exactly what they need to succeed.

I understand that lap band surgery isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok. Every individual has to do what’s right for them. But, if you’re struggling with losing weight, or if you are having health complications because of your weight, I hope you’ll consider speaking with your doctor about options that are right for you.

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