Low Iron Infant Formula

I am having such a hard time finding Low Iron Infant Formula. It is impossible to find!

Ok, wait. I did find some on Amazon, but you have to buy an entire case of it. I cannot afford $150 for formula – especially if I don’t know how well Gage will take it.

My milk production has been horrible this time around. With all of my other kids, I produced an abundance of milk, and eventually had to throw away hundreds of ounces of frozen breastmilk. (I wish I had known how to sell breastmilk back then! I could have made a fortune!)

With Gage, I am barely producing anything. The child nurses all day, and still acts like he’s starving. I’ve done everything I can think of to help produce more milk, but nothing is working. It’s heartbreaking. When I give Gage a bottle of formula, he acts like he’s in heaven. His belly finally gets full, and he’s as happy as can be.

But, the formula is causing him to be constipated. Big time. He gets horrible belly aches and won’t do a “doo” for days.

I know it’s the iron in the formula. Ashley had the same problem when she was a baby, so I had to switch to low iron infant formula. Back then, it was so easy to find!

We live in the sticks, and it’s impossible to find anything, but I cannot find low iron infant formula anywhere. My husband works at a grocery store, so he’s contacted their offices to see if they can order some. We still haven’t heard anything back and it’s been weeks.

Can you find low iron infant formula in your area? Have you ever even had the need to look?

It’s beyond frustrating when you can’t find what your baby needs….