We Love Polly Pocket!

My daughter, Lucy, could sit for hours and play with Polly Pocket and her friends. And now that Mattel has made so many changes to the Polly Pocket toys, I really can’t seem to pull her away.

For this review, we received the Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset and the Stick N Play Game Room. Every time Lucy sits down to play with them, she gets the biggest smile on her face.

Here, take a look:

My favorite feature of the new Polly Pocket toys is the suction cup on the bottom of every item. Now, when Lucy wants to move from the dining room to the play room in the basement, she can – quickly and easily. She just sticks all the little pieces to the playset and walks downstairs. I’m not finding Polly Pocket pieces all over my house now – which is great, since Gage is at the stage where he will put anything and everything in his mouth.

I also like that the Polly Pocket dolls themselves are bigger. I think it makes them easier to play with and SO much easier to dress.

Lucy has a birthday coming up next month, and the only thing she’s asking for is more Polly Pocket stuff. And now that I’ve seen firsthand all the awesome modifications they have made to these toys, I am excited to get her more of the playsets and toys. It’s so easy to keep everything together and in one place, and Lucy can entertain herself for hours.

I encourage you to learn more about the changes they’ve made to Polly Pocket and all the great items they have available for your daughter by checking out the Polly Pocket website. (And while you’re there, your daughter can check out the fun online games, the secret world of Polly Pocket, and even watch some funny kid videos.)

I am really impressed with all the great things Mattel has done to make Polly Pocket even more fun for my little girl, and I would highly recommend these products to anyone that has a daughter that loves to play.

Disclaimer: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received  product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

Mattel’s Power of Play Program

As a mom, it’s important to me that my kids get play time. And by that I mean get-up-get-out-and-get-moving play time. I want them off the couch, moving and staying active.

For that reason, I am super impressed with Mattel’s Power of Play Program. Mattel believes that through play, children can increase their imagination and just be happier.

Mattel has identified 4 barriers when it comes to play:

  • Lack of play time. Lives are over scheduled now, and it’s hard to find time to set aside and play.
  • Lack of play space. Even if it’s just a small corner of a room, make sure kids have somewhere they can play by themselves or with other children.
  • Lack of play tools. Kids need to have the proper toys and tools to play.
  • Lack of advocates for play.

Mattel has partnered with several different organizations, one of which is Playworks, to help eliminate the barriers inhibiting good play. Recently, several experts came together to conduct a live chat to discuss the importance of play. The chat was hosted by ModernMom.com and moderated by Jess Weiner – an confidence expert and author, Michael Shore, PH. D – Mattel’s “Dr. of Play,” and Jill Vialet – Playworks CEO and Founder. These experts came together to discuss play tips for parents and kids to make playtime more effective and as “powerful” as can be.

You can watch the video here: Mattel & Playworks Live Chat

{I highly recommend you take the time to watch this video. It is about half an hour long, but the tips and advice shared in this video are worth every second.}

Also, on the Mattel website, you can find an awesome Play Tip Sheet. It’s a coloring sheet designed to help teach kids how to play together in a fun and positive way: By inviting everyone to play, sharing the rules of the game, picking teams by counting off, cheering for everyone, and using Rock-Paper-Scissors as a fair way to decide.

I am impressed with Mattel’s commitment to the Power of Play program and to keeping kids active. I hope you will take some time to read more about the Power of Play program and all the wonderful things Mattel and it’s partner companies are doing for play.

Disclaimer: I am participating in a blog tour on behalf of Mattel and MomSelect and will receive a $25 gift certificate for participating. Opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own and have not been influenced by any compensation.