Still on Blogger?

If you are still on Blogger, then I’m guessing last week’s ordeal still has you upset! Posts went missing, people couldn’t comment for days, and things were wonky all over the place.

If you were holding out hope that Blogger would “get with it” and would improve enough to be as good as self-hosted WordPress, I’m guessing you were really disappointed with this last blowup Blogger had.

I still offer services to help you move from Blogger to WordPress. I have worked with some amazing bloggers, including Leslie of Leslie Loves Veggies, Rita of One2Try, and many, many others. While it does take some time to adjust to WordPress, and the upfront cost can be kind of pricey, it really is worth it in the end!

Or, if you really, really love Blogger and want to stay, I can also help you with a fun, new design.

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