Looking for Non-Smartphone Recommendations

Yes, you read that right. I need cell phone recommendations, the only stipulation is that they can’t be for any smartphones.

cellphoneI know, I know. In today’s technological age, I’m looking for a phone that can’t give me turn-by-turn directions or tell me where the nearest Taco Bell is located. It’s craziness.

But, I just can’t afford a smartphone right now.

I had an iPhone. I adore my iPhone. In fact, I still use the apps on my iPhone all the time – and even more now that I finally have a wireless router in my house. But, the AT&T data plan for the iPhone that I had was killing us financially. I cannot justify spending $250/month on cell phones for my husband and I… and that’s exactly what we were paying. That’s 2-3 weeks of groceries for my family.

We recently switched to Go Phones from AT&T so that we could keep our same number. For $50/month, I get unlimited talk, text, and data. I can handle that.

Things were fine until I dropped my phone into a sink full of water. Now, it flashes all the time, and the battery goes dead within an hour of being unplugged. I need a new phone, but I need one that doesn’t require a smartphone data plan.

I’d love to hear what suggestions you have. Please don’t try to convince me to go to a smartphone – unless you want to pick up the tab. I had a smartphone. I loved it. I can’t afford it. Maybe in the future. For right now, though, I just need a phone that will allow me to talk, text, and surf the web.

Let me hear what you have to say!