It Took Him Long Enough! {Talking About Child Development.}

This has been an incredibly big week for Gage!

Gage's mouth full of teethIf you’ve read any of my posts about Gage, you know that he is one very lazy little boy. I suppose that being the youngest of 6 and having 7 bigger people in the house willing to do your every bidding can cause one to be lazy.

Well, not anymore! This week I have seen some big changes in Gage, and I am one proud mom!

Here’s what he learned this week – at approximately 9 and a half months old:

  • The army crawl. He won’t lift his butt up and crawl on his knees, but he can get anywhere he wants to with his elbows. {He’s the reason the tree came down the day after Christmas.}
  • SO BIG! This is his new favorite thing to do, and he does it all the time. Just ask him “How big is Gage?” in your best sing-songy voice, and his arms will fly into the air.SO BIG!
  • Pulls up on everything. And I mean everything: the coffee table, the couch, the bed, his crib, anything he can get both hands on, he uses to pull himself up. Still no walking – or even attempting to walk yet – but I have a feeling that isn’t too far away.
  • Shaking his head yes and no. The best part? He totally gets it right! “Want to go to bed?” {Shakes no.} “Want some yogurt?” {Shakes yes.} I can’t get over how adorable it is.
  • Goes from flat on his belly to sitting up and vice versa. {Maybe this means no more falling over while he’s sitting up?!}
  • Pointing. Oh my gosh! It’s so funny to watch him point at everything. I swear sometimes he even shakes his finger to say “no-no-no!”Pointing at Mommy

And, to top it off, he’s popped 2 more teeth and has 2 more just below the surface. So, he’s got 6 teeth with 2 more on the way. Craziness.

It’s hard as a mom not to compare your child to other children. Heck, I have six kids and I’m constantly comparing them to each other. {Shame on me!} What’s important to remember is that kids all do things at different stages. Some will be ahead in verbal skills but lacking in fine and gross motor skills. Others will be the opposite. If you are truly concerned that your child is behind other children his or her age, talk to your doctor about it. They are the only ones that can tell you if your child really is behind or is just being lazy. {Like my Gage.}

Just don’t allow it to become a competition with other moms. If your friend tells you that her 4 month old is walking and talking, just smile and nod. Then kiss your baby and let him grow at his own pace. It’ll be better for both of you that way.

Gage needed to do things in his own time and in his own way. All of my other kids were the exact same way. We were certain Lucy would never talk. At 2 years old, we were in and out of speech therapy appointments, but they did no good. Two months later, she started talking and hasn’t stopped since. So, see? They work on their own time frame. They don’t care what the “books” say they should be doing. They’ll walk, talk, crawl, and develop when they’re ready to – and not a moment before.

Do you find yourself comparing your child to other children around the same age?