Shrek from a 3 Year Old’s Perspective

For a previous post, I received a pair of giant Shrek gloves as part of the review package.

Last night, Parker found those giant gloves and came running up to me, yelling, “You better run! Here comes Freck the Yogurt!”


Here’s my Freck the Yogurt:

freck the yogurt

Happy 3rd Birthday, Parker Peanut!

I know I say this with every birthday, but honestly, I cannot believe my Parker Peanut is 3 today.

He went from this…

parker announcement

To this…

Parker's 3!

And he fills my heart with joy every single moment.

Parker will forever be known as “Parker Peanut.” He was so tiny when he was born, and the first few months of his life were incredibly difficult. To look at him now, though, you’d never even know it. {You can read his birth story here.}

Parker is an absolute sweetheart. He loves like no one else I have ever seen. He lights up a room just by walking in it, and he can instantly have the entire room laughing out loud. He’s as smart as a whip, loves technology, and gives the best messy kisses a mommy could ever ask for.

This has been an incredibly big year for Parker. He is the second of 5 potty trained children to be 100% potty trained before they turned 3. He talks in full and complete sentences, loves problem solving, can name any color you point to, any shape you can point to, and is working hard on counting. {Although if you ask him, he insists he’s turning 7 today – not 3.}

Parker, I want you to know how much I love you. You are such an amazing little boy, and my life is better because you are in it. You make my heart smile every time I look at you. Remember that Jesus loves you even more than I do and that He will always take care of you. I am so glad that God has allowed me to be your mommy. I’m the luckiest mommy around.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Parker. I love you!

Am I A Rotten Egg?

Here’s my conversation with Parker this morning as we’re walking down the steps:

Parker: “If I’m the last one down, am I a rotten egg?”

Me: “No, honey, you’re not a rotten egg.”

Parker: “Then I’m not coming down the stairs!”

Me: “You want to be a rotten egg?”

Parker: “Yes.”

Me: “Ok. If you come down the steps, you’re the rotten egg.”

I have no idea when it became cool to be the rotten egg, but in Parker’s world it is.

Daddy Did What?

My husband will frequently send me text messages throughout the day, and Parker loves to be the one to tell me that I’ve gotten a new message.

Today, though, I was doing something in the kitchen, and Parker came over to me to tell me I had a new message.

Parker: “Mom! Daddy sent a message.”


Parker: “Moooom! Daddy sent a message.”

Silence. (I was busy. You know you have selective hearing too.)


I guess he figured that if I heard that I’d finally come running to see what he needed. There was certainly no more ignoring him after that. 🙂

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Independence Day!
I hope each of you that’s celebrating today has a safe and Happy 4th of July!


How embarrassing….

Last night, Parker was being extremely silly. We were sitting on the couch, and we were making him repeat what we were saying. He’d say it in some funny voice and get everyone in the room laughing.

Then, we branched out to asking Parker questions:

“Where does Daddy go every day?” “Work.”

“Who am I?” “Angie.”

“What are you supposed to call me?” “Mom.”

“What does Mommy call Daddy?”

….. “Stupid.”

Now I swear, I have NEVER called my husband stupid. Ever. The answer I was looking for was “honey.” Thankfullly, hubby thought it was absolutely hysterical, and we were all laughing with tears rolling down our faces.

Guess I’ll be even more careful with what I say in the future!