Clean & Green Furniture Refresher {Review}

Furniture RefresherThere is nothing I hate more than the smell of pet odors. It’s probably one of the main reasons why we don’t have an indoor pet. However, my MIL does have a large hound dog, and every time we go over to her house, all I can smell is the dog. Ick.

When Clean + Green by SeaYu asked if I would review their Furniture Refresher, I jumped at the chance. I knew I could take it to my MIL’s house and see if it would help eliminate some of the pet odors while we were there.

Is it horribly rude of me to bring Furniture Refresher to someone else’s house?

I guess I just won’t think about that…

I took the Furniture Refresher over to her house the next time we went for a visit. One thing that I really love about this spray is that it can be used on leather furniture. It’s hard to find products safe for leather, so having this all-in-one was great!

I sprayed the Fabric Refresher on the sofa, the glider, and the leather loveseat. (I wiped down the leather loveseat immediately after spraying it.) Within minutes, the entire living room smelled clean and fresh, and it wasn’t overpowered with a flowery or perfume-y scent. It just smelled clean. I was overjoyed! Finally, I could sit in my MIL’s living room without wishing I could get rid of the dog smell.

There are several features of the Clean + Green Furniture Refresher that I love:

  • It starts to work immediately at getting rid of odors, and there’s no overwhelming fragrance left behind.
  • It works on leather, fabric, and upholstery, so I can spray it where I need to, when I need to.
  • It contains only all natural ingredients and is non-toxic, safe for kids and pets, and is eco friendly.
  • It is *SO* easy to use!

If you have pets, (or if you’re like me, and have someone in your life that has pets), and you’re looking for a way to keep your home smelling clean and fresh, I would absolutely recommend Clean + Green Furniture Refresher. It will make a world of difference!

I did bring the Furniture Refresher back home, because with 6 kids, we’ve got plenty of odors that need fighting in our own home. My favorite place to use it is in the trash can. Our trash can sits right in the middle of the kitchen, beside our refrigerator. By spraying the trash can inside and out, it’s made such a big difference. The trash can isn’t the first thing you smell when you enter our house anymore, thanks to the Clean + Green Furniture Refresher. I also use it on the couches, the beds, and in the bathrooms – anywhere I want it to smell clean and fresh.

I am completely impressed with Clean + Green products and would recommend them to anyone I meet. Knowing that they’re completely safe to use near my kids, and that they’re environmentally friendly makes them a great range of products to use in my home.

To learn more about Clean + Green Products, check out their website:

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a PR rep from Kel & Partners on behalf of Clean + Green. I received a can of Furniture Refresher to complete my honest and thorough review. I was in no other way compensated for this post.