Will it be Carter or Carly? (Take a Poll!)

With everything going on with Gage, I really haven’t posted much about the pregnancy. Honestly, I haven’t had much to update. This has been a wonderful pregnancy so far. No morning sickness. No pain. No issues. I’m tired, and I want to eat all the time, but eating and sleeping are my two favorite things, so I’m not complaining. 🙂 I’m certain that God is giving me an easy pregnancy because He knew I was going to need it… there’s just been so many other issues and problems that I couldn’t take a difficult pregnancy on top of it.

The pregnancy seems to be sllllooooooowwwwwllllly dragging on. Today I am finally 17 weeks. Almost half way there! My next doctor’s appointment is scheduled for this Thursday, September 6th. They do an ultrasound at each visit, and the doctor said we’d check to see the gender at our next appointment. So, I’m putting up a fun poll to see how many of my readers can guess the gender.

Hubby and I have already picked out a name for a boy and one for a girl. If it’s a boy, his name will be Carter Timothy. Gene has wanted a Carter since we were pregnant with our first son. I figure he’s waited long enough and I should give in. 🙂 Timothy is after a very dear friend of ours. If it’s a girl, her name will be Carly Grace. No rhyme or reason, we just really love the name. This is, however, the FIRST time that we have picked a name so early on in the pregnancy. Typically, we argue and argue for months, and push it until weeks before the baby is even due. Not this time. And since we came up with 2 great names that go well together, I’m still hoping there’s a “hidden” twin and I get to use both names. 🙂

Before we get to the poll, let’s go over some baby gender prediction methods and see what they say….

  • Hairline method – Predicts a BOY. (This method failed for me last time.)
  • Chinese Gender Chart – Predicts a GIRL. (This method is sometimes right, sometimes wrong for me.)
  • Old Wives Tale – Predicts a GIRL.
  • Baby’s Heart Rate – Predicts a GIRL.
  • Family Pattern – Here are my kids so far: GIRL, BOY, BOY, GIRL, BOY, BOY, ???
  • Dreams – I dream ALL.THE.TIME that I’m having a girl. (Actually, I dream that we have 8 kids, and the last 2 are girls.)

Now, before I get my hopes up for another little girl, when I was pregnant with Gage, every sign pointed to us having another little girl. I went into our 16 week ultrasound certain that we were having a girl. I just knew he was going to show us a girl on the screen. Then, there it was: the “package.” Definitely not a girl. As sad as I was that Gage wasn’t a girl, I wouldn’t trade him in for 10 girls. He is my sunshine, and I am so thankful God gave me exactly what I needed. After all that, though, I am 100% convinced that this baby will be another boy. Hubby and I tend to make more of those, and “they” say that if you have more of one gender, you are more likely to continue having that same gender. So, I hold no truth to any of the methods listed above, especially since so many of them point to us having a girl.

But, it’s still fun to guess… and I know so many of my readers have their own opinions. I thought it would be fun to hear what you all think!

So tell me….. will it be a BOY or a GIRL? And will we get to use the name Carter or Carly? Vote now!

I Need Your Help! {You Can WIN!}

Help!Ok, I have 2 things that I desperately need your help with. And I promise to reward you for each one of them. 🙂

First, I need your help finding something. Several months ago, in a parenting magazine’s “featured product” section, I saw a wireless router. It’s a simple, one step, plug it into your computer, and immediately have wireless internet access, and it wasn’t expensive by any means. Now, here are the problems: I absolutely cannot remember which parenting magazine I saw it in, (because I subscribe to every pregnancy/baby/parenting magazine available), and I absolutely cannot remember the name of the product. I *need* to find this wireless router. The first one to help me locate this router, (it has to be the same one I saw in the magazine), I will immediately send you a $20 gift certificate to Amazon. All you have to do is find the router, leave me a link in the comments, and if you’re the first one to find it, you win. Easy peasy, right?

Now, on to the second issue. I was going to start a giveaway today for a $50 gift certificate for somewhere, but the more I thought about it, I couldn’t decide. Which would you use more? A $50 card to Walmart, Target, or Amazon? So, I updated my facebook status and asked for opinions. Man, did I ever get opinions! 🙂 I figured the best way to find out which my readers would rather have would be to, well, come to my readers! So, let your voice be heard! Click below and tell me which one you would rather win.

I’ll close the poll tomorrow night around 10pm ET. Majority will rule, so whichever answer wins is the giveaway that I will start first thing Saturday morning.

Thanks for all your help!