Just Another Manic Monday….

I know it’s Tuesday, but I’m guessing that you also notice that no new posts went up yesterday. I had every intention of getting at least one new post up, but it didn’t happen. Instead, I decided to spend the afternoon in my doctor’s office hooked up to a fetal monitor.

On Sunday, I woke up and discovered that I was completely broken out in hives. It turned out, I had a reaction to the antibiotic I had been on for the previous 6 days. I took Ashley to church, and drove to my mother in law’s house so I would be close to the hospital if the reaction got worse. I spent the day completely doped up on Benadryl to help with the hives. After church that night, we left my husband’s truck at my mother in law’s house and he drove all of us home.

On Monday, we drove back to my mother in law’s house to get hubby’s truck. We went in and chatted for awhile, and I noticed that my contractions were coming very regularly – 2 to 3 minutes apart, and they were strong. In between each contraction, and every time I moved or the baby moved, I would have this horrible sharp pain in my stomach. It made no sense to me, because when you touched that area of my stomach, all you could feel was the baby.

I called the doctor’s office and asked if the doctor could just check my cervix and verify that the contractions weren’t doing anything. They had me come in right away, and they hooked me up to the fetal monitor. Lying on my back caused the sharp pain to be even more consistent, and it HURT. The doctor checked my cervix once and hour for 3 hours, and I never dilated. Crazy how my contractions can be off the charts, but not do a dang thing to my cervix. He said that the good news is that the baby is still really high, so it doesn’t appear that I’ll be delivering a baby any time soon. Since I’m not even 34 weeks pregnant yet, that is very good news.

The bad news is, I tore my round ligament in my stomach, which is what is causing that terrible pain. He’s guessing that walking up and down my driveway every day is what’s done it. So, I need to avoid my driveway as much as possible, (which means I’ll be stuck at home for weeks on end now), and I need to not pick up Lucy or Parker. He also said no playing basketball or volleyball – at least until the baby is born. 🙂

I had been doing SO great with this pregnancy. Thank heavens I’ve only got about 6 more weeks to go, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a very long 6 weeks!

Now to get caught back up around here! Thanks again for your patience!

An Update on My Friend…

In case you haven’t been by here before, last week, I asked for prayers for a very dear friend of mine. You see, at her ultrasound right before Christmas, she was told her baby most likely had Ventriculomegaly AND Hydrocephalus. It was very scary, and it was heartbreaking news for anyone to hear.

Yesterday, she had her Level 2 ultrasound to follow up. I prayed all day that things would go better than expected, and that things were not as bad as originally thought.

Then, I got this message:
“Caleb has been born into Heaven….no heartbeat found today on ultrasound. He is where no birth defect could ever harm him.”

My heart fell into my stomach. I didn’t understand it. Why would God take another baby from a woman who deserved it so much? I know she already loved that baby more than words could ever express. Why would God allow her to suffer through so much pain?

No, it’s not my place to question God. He has a plan, and He is faithful. But, I’m human. I don’t want to see my friend hurting like this.

She has an appointment tomorrow (today? I’m not sure because of the time zone difference) to see if they will do a D&E or if they will allow her to go naturally. If she goes naturally, she could hemorrhage because of the placenta previa. It all just seems like so much for one family to take on.

Please continue to pray for my sweet friend. She needs your prayers now more than ever. And if you could, leave a comment here and let her know that you’re praying for her. She may not be ready to read them yet, but some day the comments here will come to be quite special to her.

Before I close, I want to leave you with a song that has become so special to me. I can’t find it online anywhere, just the words, but I hope they help uplift my friend, as well as anyone else who may be suffering today:

There is Hope

1st Verse: “Sometimes we go through trials that are so hard to bear,
We lift our face toward Heaven saying, ‘God, are you really there?’
I’ve asked that same question; yes, I’ve been down that road.

But looking back, I now can tell you, He’s alwys let me know…

Chorus: There is hope, so be strong, there is hope.
God has sent me here to tell you there is hope.
And he knows just what you’re going through and what the future holds.

Because Jesus lives, there is hope!

2nd Verse: He was bruised for our transgression, He was nailed upon the tree.
He cried out to His Father, ‘Why have you forsaken me?’
But, through my suffering Savior, He brought healing to our pain,

And the One who raised up from the dead can restore us all again.

(chorus again) add…

There is hope, there is hope. My Jesus still whispers, ‘There is hope.”
For the One who has gone astray, Jesus says ‘I am the way.’
Do don’t give up, there is hope!
And He knows just what you’re going through, and what the future holds.
Because Jesus lives (echo) Because Jesus lives,
So don’t give up, there is hope!

Words found here.

If you’d like to hear a preview of the song, or purchase it for just 99 cents, a friend of mine found it available here. It’s #5 on the list. Thank you, Lori for sending me the link!