Disagreements between Christians and Jews Pale in Light of Current Events

Since the time of Christ, there have been ongoing disagreements between Christians and Jews, typically over the belief by Christians that the Messiah has already come whereas those of the Jewish faith still await theirs. In fact, Christianity stemmed from Judaism and that’s why many cultures are said to be immersed in Judeo-Christian heritage. However, no matter how heated Judeo-Christian disagreements ever were, they all pale in light of current events – namely terrorist activity sponsored by radical groups.

The One Major Disagreement for All Times
From a religious perspective, there is one real disagreement that will be a disagreement for all times and that is the question of Messiah. Christians believe that the Messiah has already come in the person of Jesus of Nazareth while Jews are still looking for the long awaited Messiah. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only disagreement between the religions but this is the only one of religious consequence.

Other disagreements are cultural, political or even personal and even these pale in comparison to very real events that are transpiring in the world today and that’s why relationships between Jews and Christians are not only beginning to improve but also forming bonds that are uniting them politically as well as from a religious perspective. Today most Christians and Jews have formed an allegiance with other religions against terrorists who have claimed to be responsible for attacks in places like France and the United States.

Taking the Media and Government to Task
In the eyes of many Christians and Jews, it seems that in an effort to forestall any uprising that could lead to major world events, the media and government are downplaying the role of Israel in today’s world while focusing on mending relationships with known state sponsors of terrorist activity.

This is putting a strain on a political relationship that has been strong since the end of the Second World War but is working to forge bonds between Christians and Jews in ways never before imagined. Uniting against a common enemy will do that.

Disagreements Are Now Political
What was once a battle between religions has morphed into a political problem that really has little to do with religion other than the fact that Christianity has always been viewed as the main religion of the United States and of course the Jewish religion is the state religion of Israel. That is really where the problem now resides. Many people, among which are some world leaders, see the United States along with many European nations as forsaking Israel in favor of forging bonds with other nations.

So are the current disagreements between Christians and Jews or are they between nations due to political events taking place around the world? While the nations in question were formed on religious beliefs, they are now nations with a political agenda. It would appear that the oftentimes heated disagreements between Christians and Jews have become overshadowed by world events. No one knows exactly how these events will play out but there is one thing that is for certain. Christians and Jews have begun a new chapter in their ongoing relationship and to many religious leaders, this is a very good thing.

Read and Share Bible for Children (Review & Giveaway)

This giveaway will end Friday, Jan. 14 at 11:59pm EST.

bible for childrenLast year for Christmas, we bought each of the older kids their own Bibles. For about the past 6 months, Parker has been begging to have a Bible of his own, but I’m not quite ready to buy him a nice, leather bound Bible. He’s still too little, and he likes markers *way* too much.

Luckily, I was introduced to the Read and Share Bible for children by Thomas Nelson Publishers. Before I get to my (and Parker’s) review of the Bible, here are some things you need to know:

The Read and Share Bible is the perfect way to share the amazing joy and wonder of God’s Word with the children in your life. Features include more than 200 beloved Bible stories, bold, bright illustrations, a discussion starter with each story, and so much more. The Read and Share Bible makes it easy for you to create long-lasting memories as you encourage a love for reading God’s Word.

Our Review of The Read and Share Bible

On Sunday mornings, during our church’s main worship service, I teach a small children’s class. It has always been so important to me that children hear the Word of God on their level so that they can understand it. I know that’s not how many in the South feel, and they want their children raised to sit in the main service, but I don’t agree. By giving them a clear understanding of the Bible when they are young, they will be more apt to staying in church and continuing to want to learn more as they grow older.

I am constantly scouring the internet, trying to find Bible stories that are appropriate for 2 – 5 year olds. And then we received the Read and Share Bible for a review. WOW. These are the stories that I have been looking for, in a language that children can understand, all in one place. I love it!

Parker's new BibleAfter browsing through the Read and Share Bible for awhile myself, I handed it over to Parker and told him that it was his own Bible. The sheer look of joy on his face made me smile from ear to ear. He carefully turned each page, taking in all the bright, bold colors of the illustrations.  He was in heaven. We read several stories together, and I loved the discussion questions at the end of each story. While Parker is still a little young to fully understand what we’re reading, he will definitely be able to grow into this Bible. And it’s perfect for the other children that I have in my Sunday morning class. I’ll definitely be taking it along with us on Sundays and reading them stories from the Read and Share Bible.

There are several features of the Read and Share Bible that I love:

  • The length of the stories – they aren’t too long. Just enough to capture the interest of a child and leave them wanting more.
  • The number of stories in the Bible – over 200 stories, all in one place. And these are stories that we know and love.
  • The illustrations – perfect for little eyes, attention grabbing and colorful.
  • The discussion questions – great for expanding on the stories and getting kids to learn more.
  • Also, each story starts with the reference where you can find the story in the Bible. This is great for older kids, so you can read straight from a Bible and then read the story.

Overall, I really like the Read and Share Bible, and Parker does too. This Bible would make the perfect gift for any child in your life that you want to encourage to learn more about God’s Word.

Want to Try the Read and Share Bible for Yourself?

Parker loves his BibleShop Now: Click here to purchase your copy from Thomas Nelson Publishing for just $16.99. You can also find the Read and Share Bible on Amazon for just $5.85! Talk about a steal!

You Can WIN! I’ve got a Read and Share Bible to give away to one lucky reader.

To Enter

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