Love Great Deals?

I have got two really great sites to tell you about today!

  • MOM.ComI’m sure you’ve heard of CafeMom, right? I was so active over there before my blog took off and I couldn’t keep up with CafeMom anymore. However, I still get all their newsletters, and yesterday they introduced me to Mom.Com. And I am so glad they did!
    Here’s a little bit about 

    Every day, we offer a new fabulous deal on the things you and your family like to buy, eat, and do. You check your email, Facebook, Twitter, or our website to read about the deal, and if you’re interested, it’s yours! There’s no need for a minimum number of participants to get the deal.

Yesterday, I scored a FABULOUS deal for thredUP – the second site I can’t wait to tell you about!

  • thredUPThis is the site where busy parents go to swap kids clothing online. I first heard about thredUP from my dear friend Lindsey over at Kindred Spirit Mommy. She raved about how fantastic the website is, but I put off signing up. I honestly think I was just hesitant to start one.more.thing. But, when I got the email from MOM.Com, and they had an amazing deal for thredUP, and after reading Lindsey’s rave about the site, I knew I had to join both sites! (By the way, make sure you read Lindsey’s post on her experience with thredUP. She tells you all the need-to-know info in one post!)

For just $12, I got a free box on thredUP, AND 3 years of pro service! That’s over a $105 value for TWELVE DOLLARS! I ordered the deal yesterday, and first thing this morning, I had an email in my inbox with instructions for claiming my deal. It couldn’t have been easier!

Ya’ll need to head on over to Mom.Com and steal this deal for thredUP. (And any other fabulous deals they have going on right now that you’re interested in!)