Another Update Concerning My Health Issues

Recently I posted an update about why things have been so quiet around here. Since that post, so many more things have happened – and actually getting online to post about those things has been next to impossible.

Several weeks ago, I found a lump in my left breast. When I put up the last update post, the specialist had requested that I go that week to have a Mammogram done and see where we would go from there.

The day before I was scheduled to go in for the Mammogram, I got a phone call. Our local hospital’s head radiation doctor would not do a Mammogram on me because I am in my first trimester. The specialist I had seen that week then gave me two choices: 1. Wait until I’m in the second trimester and start the testing then, or 2. Get a second opinion. I spoke with my PCP, and she thought it was best not to wait. But, because she’s not the main doctor on my insurance cards, I had to wait until I saw my OBGYN and have him get the referral to another specialist.

More of that “waiting game” that I’m just not good at.

This past Monday morning, I met with the OBGYN. Things with the pregnancy are progressing well. The baby is growing right on track. But, the doctor was very concerned with how large the lump in my breast is, and he had his nurse call around to find a specialist that would take me in and do more testing, even with me being in the first trimester.

Interjecting to share a picture of my sweet little peanut that’s on the way:

I am so thankful that with all my health problems, this little jelly bean is doing just fine.

Back to the update – the nurse was able to find a specialist about 2 hours away from home that would get me in and do further testing. They scheduled the appointment for this past Thursday.

Luckily, hubby is on vacation this week, so he was able to go to the specialist with me again. We got down there and met with another doctor. It was a woman this time, and she was very kind and very concerned.

She did another ultrasound, and she actually SAW something this time!

She said that the lump shows every sign of being a clogged milk duct that was probably brought on by the pregnancy. She thinks that it will resolve itself and we won’t need to do anything else.

Of course, she gave me the speech that it “could still be cancerous” so she was willing to do a biopsy if I was really concerned. But, she personally didn’t think a biopsy was necessary, and after talking it over with her and with my husband, we decided not to do the biopsy.

I have a follow up appointment set for October – 3 months from now. The doctor is confident that it will resolve itself before then, but if not, we can figure out how to “help” it along or see if it might be something else.

So, at least there are answers. And at least I can rest easy. I’m just really hoping this doesn’t cause me to have trouble breastfeeding the new baby. I had to stop nursing Gage sooner than I wanted to because I stopped producing milk. (With every other child, I’ve always produced an abundance of milk.) I guess I’ll just pray that there won’t be any trouble this time around.

Hopefully this will start getting things back on track here on the blog. I appreciate your patience and support through all of this. I really do have the best readers. 🙂

Now that I’ve caught you up on me, what’s going on with YOU?