Blog for Sale:

Super Mom Sanctuary
I am offering my other blog, for sale. There will be no content on the site. All posts will be moved to this blog before I transfer ownership. The new owner will be able to start with a clean slate and make the site what they want it to be.

The sale includes:

  • Domain transfer to buyer. {Purchased through Renews yearly on December 30th. Next renewal date is 12/30/2012.}
  • Full Setup, Design, Hosting – all on Blogger
  • Networked Blogs Set up & Followers {56}
  • GFC Followers {83}
  • Facebook Fan Page & Fans {82 Fans}

I am asking $125 for everything listed above, paid by PayPal.

I would love to continue with SuperMom Sanctuary, but I need to let it go. I haven’t been able to update it in months, and I hate that it’s just sitting there. I would much rather see it go to someone who had the time to devote to it.

If you are looking to start a blog or if you want to start a second blog, I hope you’ll consider

If you’re interested in purchasing SuperMom Sanctuary, please contact me.