Attack of the Stomach-Bug Monster

I apologize for the lack of posting around here the past few days. The stomach bug hit our family… hard.

It started last Saturday. I got a phone call from my MIL. The boys had spent the night on Friday night, and Zander woke up at 6 am sick to his stomach. He spent the entire day in bed with a bucket beside him. When I finally got him home, I put him straight to bed, and he slept the rest of the afternoon, evening, and all night long. He woke up Sunday feeling a million times better, but I just knew someone else was going to get it.

I spent the next few days acting like Mr. Monk and trying to keep the germs at bay with Lysol, Peroxide, and Bleach.

I really thought it worked, too! No one got sick Sunday or Monday, so I thought we were in the clear.

Tuesday night, Gage and Parker both got it.

Again, it lasted about as long as Zander’s, and they were both feeling better by Wednesday afternoon. I opted not to go to church, just because I figured we were still carrying the virus, and I didn’t want to risk giving it to anyone else.

SO glad we didn’t go Wednesday night, because we were far from done.

At 11pm Thursday night, Jace came in my room and got sick all over the floor. 10 minutes later, Lucy did the exact same thing. Another 20 minutes later, it was my turn. {I didn’t get it all over the floor, though.} 🙂 All night long, Jace, Lucy, and I would take turns being sick. About 1am, Ashley joined in the fun. Then Parker started again around 3am, and Gage at 4. I spent the entire night taking care of the kids…  and I was as sick as they were.

That morning, hubby got up at 6 am for work and HE ended up with it. He went into work anyway, but by 10am, he couldn’t take it anymore. He came home and confined himself to the couch.

We spent all day yesterday lying around the house, and we’re still not back to 100% today. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. The kids slept all day yesterday and still slept in until 10 o’clock this morning. As I type this, Lucy, Jace, and Parker are back to sleep again.

This is one stomach flu that I would never like to repeat again. I’ve had stomach bugs go through the family – but it usually attacks one person at a time. {And usually one right after the other.} This is the first time that 7 of us have been down for the count at one time. It has been horrible.

Has this nasty virus hit your house? If not – stay far away from us. If so, did it hit everyone at once, or was it a one-at-a-time deal?