Not Sure What Happened to My Email Subscribers {Updated}

I am trying not to have a panic attack…

I logged in this morning and saw that my subscribers had dropped by almost 600. I quickly logged into Feedburner and noticed that my email subscribers were no longer being counted. Checked my email from last night, and guess what? No email from my blog like there should have been. {I subscribe just so I know the email goes out without a hitch.}

When I tried to subscribe by email again, it said I was already subscribed, but I can’t find any email subscribers at all listed in Feedburner.

I’ve posted in the Google Feedburner Help Group, but who knows when – or if – my post will even be answered.

Hopefully things will just correct themselves soon and tonight’s email will go out without a problem.

I’m praying so, anyway, because my stomach is sitting on the floor right now, this has me so upset.

Have you ever had an issue with your feed numbers dropping drastically overnight? Did the problem correct itself or did you have to do something to fix it?

Update – 9/30: Looks like it was/is a feedburner issue. The emails went out, and my numbers are back up. Still not sending out tweets for new posts, but hopefully that fix will come next. Sorry for the panic attack yesterday.