Our Teacher Gifts This Year

I am so thankful for Pinterest this Christmas. It’s opened up a whole new world of teachers’ gifts to me. {And, since there are so many teachers on Pinterest, their comments on pins helped me determine which ones to quickly overlook.}

I wanted to make the gifts special this year. My kids will most likely not finish out the school year in the same school district, so I wanted to give a meaningful gift to each of their teachers.

I stumbled across this pin. I thought it was such a sweet idea. The creator of the project that was pinned used Wordle to create her design. I messed with Wordle and ended up getting frustrated beyond belief. I ended up just using my skills to create designs for each of my kids’ teachers. That way I could use their favorite colors, make certain sayings larger than others, and lay it out exactly like I wanted.

Here’s how Jace’s teacher’s gift turned out:

teacher gift

I am so, so happy with the way they turned out. I did the same thing with Ashley and Zander’s teachers – each one using words the kids picked to describe their teachers. It’s personal, from the heart, and unique. I hope their teachers love them as much as I loved making them.

Of course, I couldn’t just give one little gift, so I threw in a few more trinkets:

teacher gift

You can never have too many pairs of fuzzy socks. And those penguin suckers I found at Walmart were just too cute to pass up!

Jace has two Teacher’s Aids this year, so for them, I mimicked this pin. Instead of using those girly-looking cups, {since both of his aids are men}, I bought two large reusable water bottles, filled them with single-serve lemonade packets, and included a note that said, “Thanks for being such a great ‘ade’.” Too cute.

Did you get creative with Teacher’s gifts this year? I’d love to hear about it!