The #CloroxLounge & The Last Comic Sitting Contest

I love to laugh. It’s my favorite way to relieve stress and just have a good time. And, with so many kids in my house, you can be sure there’s lots and lots of laughter. I have tons of stories I could tell that would keep you rolling for hours.

Clorox and SocialMoms asked me to share my funniest bathroom story with my readers in this post. I have so many I could choose from, but I think I’ll share the most recent mishap:

The first weekend of February, we moved into a new house. In the master bathroom, we have a jetted tub. Now, we have never had a jetted tub before, so this was quite entertaining to the kids. Whenever I give Lucy, Parker, and Gage a bath, I always add just a squirt of bubbles to the water. Well, the first night we were using the new bathtub, I made the mistake of leaving Lucy unattended in the bathroom for just a moment while I got the boys undressed and ready for their bath. {Safety note: She was not in the water. She was just in the bathroom, fully clothed, just watching the tub fill with water.} A minute later, I hear the jets in the tub. I laughed to myself thinking that she discovered the “magic” button and was having a good time with it.

Little did I know, she had found the bubble bath under the counter and proceeded to dump the entire bottle into the bathtub before turning the jets on. Oh my gosh. In that one minute I was out of the room, she had bubbles everywhere.

I walk back into the bathroom to see Lucy, fully clothed, sitting in a pool of bubbles in the middle of my bathroom floor.

I couldn’t be upset. After all, I was the one that left the room unattended – and she knew where the bubble bath was. After the initial shock, all we could do was laugh. Soon, I had three kids covered in bubbles helping me scoop up the bubbles off the floor and put them back near the bathtub. It was definitely a night I will never forget. {And now we keep the bubble bath way up high so we don’t have any more “accidents” like that.}

 The bathroom is definitely one of the most used rooms in our house. Now, The Clorox Lounge is making every bathroom into a “laughroom.” The Clorox Lounge is mom go-to place for comedy, and with host mom, actress, and comedian Sherri Shepherd, you are sure to find tons of hilarious stories and anecdotes. While you’re there, you’ll also find giveaways, fun contests, and coupons… all topped off with just the right amount of comic relief. I do hope you’ll take a minute and check out The Clorox Lounge for a daily dose of fun.

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