My Thoughts on The Lorax

I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan. In fact, there are many of his books that I have memorized just because I’ve read them so many times.

One book I haven’t read, though, is The Lorax. I’m not sure why I’ve never read it… aside from the fact that I didn’t even know it existed.

the loraxWhen word came out that The Lorax was coming to theaters, I knew we’d have to go just to see what it was all about.

I’ll be honest: The cast didn’t impress me much. I can’t stand Zac Effron or Taylor Swift. But, knowing I wouldn’t have to stare at their faces throughout the movie definitely helped with that. I do, however, love Betty White…. I just knew she’d add a special touch to the movie.

Last night was the girls’ turn to spend the night at their MawMaw and PapPaw’s house. Normally, hubby and I would leave all the kids for a few hours and go on a date. But, the boys and I all really wanted to see The Lorax, so we decided to drop the girls off and take the boys to see the movie.

Expecting the show to sell out, we headed to the theater early to get tickets. We took the boys out for pizza and then went into the theater.

We were in the largest theater there is around here, and I was surprised that there weren’t more people there to see the movie. It was less than half full. {Of course, as the lights went down and the movie started, more people came in – because no one can ever be on time for anything around here.}

The movie started, and Parker’s eyes lit up. For a 3 year old, a movie is a very big deal. He had his little box of popcorn on his lap, and he looked like he was in heaven.

I never heard another sound from him until the movie was over.

I just wish I could say the same thing about all the other kids in the theater… but I digress…

I absolutely loved the movie. There were a few slow parts, and my husband fell asleep at one point, but overall, it was an excellent movie.

My favorite part was the music – even though I don’t care at all for either of the “star” singers, the music still blew me away. It was fun and catchy. If I had known the words, I totally would have been singing along in the theater. I will definitely be getting the soundtrack for the movie and putting it in my car.

The storyline was fantastic – all based on Dr. Seuss’ quote, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

I don’t know how true the movie is to the book, since I have yet to read the book, but I think they did a great job of getting their message across without jamming environmentalism down our throats. They made me laugh, they made me sad, and they made me want to go plant a tree. {Which is funny, because the Georgia Environmental Department passed out seedlings after the movie. Great timing!}

I would highly recommend you take your kids to go see The Lorax. {Maybe you should leave your husband at home, though – it makes for an expensive nap.} I am so glad we took the boys last night. We will definitely be purchasing the movie when it comes out on DVD, and I’m off to search Amazon to find a copy of the original Dr. Seuss book to read with my kids.

Have you seen The Lorax? What did you think?