Still Need A Last Minute Gift for Your Man? (Review)

If you’re like me, and put everything off until the last minute, you are probably hitting freak-out mode right about now. Maybe you’re really like me, and you’ve put off getting hubby’s gift until the very last second. I am so bad about that. Luckily, Home Depot and Husky Tools are here to save the day for all of us procrastinators! The best part, most of their gifts are under $20, so you can afford to buy a couple and really impress your hubby… or your dad… or any man in your life.

Husky Tools and Home Depot recently sent me the Husky 13-Piece Powertek™ Precision Cordless Screwdriver Set – ($9.88) to test out.Now, I had originally intended on giving this to hubby and using it for all his screwdriver needs. But, I gotta tell you – I *love* this screwdriver! I cannot even tell you how handy it has come in for things I do around the house. We bought the girls several storage cubes so that we can get rid of their big, clunky dressers in their room. Of course, the shelves all came un-assembled, and with hubby working so many hours because of the holidays, that left me to put them together. (I can hear you laughing. Just stop.) This screwdriver made it SO easy!! In minutes, we had all of the shelves assembled and ready to move into the girls’ room. I was so proud of myself, and couldn’t wait to show off to hubby that I really can do things around here… even at 7 months pregnant! Of course, now that I have this handy-dandy screwdriver set, he may start making me do more around the house. Maybe I should re-think this….

There are several features that I love: It’s battery operated. No cords to mess with, just turn her on and let her go. It’s so easy to use. If I can do it, seriously – anyone can! It goes forward and backward – so if you mess up, it’s easy to un-do what you just did and make it right. (Not that I’d know from experience or anything.) It comes with 12 mini bits that have fit all my needs – it even helped me fix my eye glasses when a screw popped out the other day. And the bits are all in a fabulous little storage case, so they don’t get lost. Easy to stay organized and have everything at the touch of your fingertips.

For less than $10, the Powertek Precision Screwdriver Set would make an awesome Christmas gift – or anytime gift for just about anyone on your list. If you’re into crafts, this would be an excellent tool to have on hand.

My hubby is a big fan of Husky Tools, and they’re always the first ones he’ll look at. You can’t beat the price, or the fact that they’re Guaranteed Forever.

If you still need a last minute gift, run on over to Home Depot and stock up on Husky Tools. You’ll make someone very happy this Christmas!

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Disclaimer: I was contacted on behalf of Iron Bridge Tools aka Husky Hand Tools. I received the item mentioned above to facilitate my honest and full review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and have not been influenced in any way. I have not been compensated in any monetary way for this post.