It’s Official… Recurrent Ear Infections Means Tubes!

It looks like my little boy will soon be undergoing yet another surgery. This one is far less complicated, and much more common than his last surgery, though, so I’m trying not to stress out about it too much.

Gage gets ear infections all the time. About 3 weeks ago, we were at the doctor’s office, and she said that if he gets another ear infection in the next month, we may need to consider having tubes put in his ears.

Well, this past Friday night, Gage started running a low-grade fever. I prayed it was just the crud that everyone seems to have right now, but in my heart I knew better.

By 3 am, he had a raging fever of 104.

I tried all day to get his fever down: cool rags, Tylenol/Motrin cocktail, etc., but nothing worked. At 5pm Saturday night, I decided it was time to take a trip to the ER.

After a 3 hour wait, and their failed attempts to get his fever down, the doctor finally came in. Sure enough, another double ear infection. The doctor decided our best option was to give him a shot of antibiotics, and send him home.

The next day, his fever finally broke, and he started acting better. But it wasn’t until yesterday that he was finally back to his old self, playing and goofing around like the crazy kid he usually is.

This morning, I had a follow up appointment with his pediatrician. She checked his ears, and they are still severely infected. The shot he got most likely helped his fever, but it didn’t do a thing for his poor ears. So, he’s on another round of antibiotics, and we’ll meet with the Pediatric ENT next Wednesday. I’m guessing we’ll set a surgery date then.

It breaks my heart to see him in constant pain. I know the tubes will help. My oldest daughter went through the exact same thing when she was about Gage’s age. Only then, doctors didn’t want to put tubes in kids’ ears. She’s now 15, and she still has trouble with her ears. I don’t want Gage to go through that. And I’m afraid that if we don’t get the tubes soon, he will have an absolutely miserable winter. I think it’s best to just get it over and done with now – especially before Carly makes her appearance. It’s just the thought of another surgery for my baby that has me worried….

Any parents out there had experience with tubes? What do I need to know before and after surgery? I’d love any tips or advice you can give!