Holiday Madness, Updates, and Ramblings

I apologize for the scarcity around here. Things have been just a little more than crazy lately. Here’s the latest update:

  • I’m not sure if you remember or not, but when Gage was younger, the doctor discovered he had a hydrocele. This week, I had to take him back for a follow up visit with the doctor to see if he’ll need to go back to the specialist and schedule a surgery. I am happy to report that his hydrocele is healing on it’s own, and it looks like surgery will not be necessary. The doctor will continue to keep an eye on it at his well visits, but as of right now, things look great! Praise the Lord.
  • I am still dealing with very painful attacks, even though I have been on a Vitamin D regimen for  some time now. My next step is to visit a neurologist. I can’t even begin to tell you how nervous I am about that. But, something has to be done. The attacks are getting so painful that I cannot function when one happens. Gene and I spent yesterday running around town, and I had to spend most of the time in the car in tears because I was in so much pain. I’m really hoping I can get some answers soon.
  • My husband is also falling apart. {Might as well do it together!} He went in for blood work and x-rays on both knees yesterday. It’s looking like surgery will be in his very near future. Yippee.
  • Since that’s not enough going on, Gene and I are looking to move into a new house next month. It’s so much bigger than where we are right now, and it’s about 5 minutes from our church – which is where we spend most of our time anyway. It will put him farther from where he’s working now, but we firmly believe it’s a move for the better. Plus, it will also put me less than 5 minutes from my best friend, so I’m thrilled about that. We’ll find out this coming week when we’ll be able to move in and everything.
  • Then let’s throw in all the added stress of the holidays. For some reason, my Christmas spirit has gone kaput. There’s just so much going on right now that I don’t even want to think about the holidays. I just want a nap.

So, if I disappear for a day or two here or there, I hope you’ll understand and will continue to check in around here. I’m not running off, I just might not be able to log on as much as I’d like to until things calm down.

Give me some good news…. what’s going on in YOUR life right now?

So Far Behind….

Do you ever feel like you’re so far behind you’ll never catch up?


That’s where I am. Drowning in a sea of emails, post drafts, and laundry.

And then I type out this entire post, and the blog only posts half of it. Nice.

Anyway, I need to apologize. I am so far behind on picking winners. But, the winners page has been updated, and the winners have been contacted. I am so, so sorry for the delay.

I promise to do a better job of getting the winners picked and items sent to the winner. I know I hate waiting to find out if I’ve won a giveaway, and I don’t want to do that to you all!

Thanks for your patience, and for putting up with my chaos!

Now, back to all that stuff

Did Ya Miss Me?

So, on Monday, I kind of just disappeared with little to no explanation why. Sorry about that. But, I wasn’t ready to share our news just yet. (And, no, Baby Gage has NOT made his appearance, and after the way my doctor appointment went on Monday, it looks like he won’t be coming for quite some time.)

Well, I’m finally ready to share our news.

On Monday, hubby, the kids, and I moved into a new house. It’s only a few minutes from where we lived before, which is great – since I’m 36+ weeks pregnant. The house that we are renting is fully furnished, so slowly but surely we will be moving things over here. It’s going to take a lot longer than it takes a normal family to move, but at this point, I think slowly but surely is the way to go.  I have to interject that I am so thankful to my grandparents for everything they have done for us. They helped us get down here, and have been amazing. If we hadn’t kept having kids after we moved down here, we could have stayed in that house forever. But, our family just outgrew the space, and we had to find something that could fit all our stuff.

Our new house isn’t huge, but it is perfect for us. It’s got a full basement, 2 bedrooms, a huge loft that’s been converted into a bedroom, and 2 bathrooms. It’s a cabin-style home, and it’s so cozy. We’re surrounded by woods, and only have a few neighbors. There’s a deck off each level, so I plan to start spending every day outside once the weather gets nice and stays that way. The main floor deck and the basement deck are both covered, so we can even enjoy them when it’s raining.

We don’t get cell phone service at the house, so the first few days were pure craziness. They installed our phone line, but they did it wrong, so it was Tuesday night before we had any kind of communication with the outside world. I was promised internet service on Monday, but they kept calling to postpone. On Wednesday, I was told it would be Friday evening before anyone could come out. Luckily, I got a phone call this morning from their technician, telling me that he had a cancellation. When he asked if I wanted him to come today, it made my whole day. So, I’m finally back in touch. I won’t tell you how many emails I have to go through for being offline most of the week, but it may take days to go through it all! 🙂

Here’s what our new house looks like:

Home Sweet Home

And if you want to see more, I’ve uploaded a bunch to Facebook. You can see them here: Our New Home

Thanks for your patience during all of this. I really appreciate it!

Oh, and if you’re wondering – I’ve updated the winner’s page to announce the winner of the $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Unreachable… Hopefully Not For Long

I’ve got some big things going on around here, but I’m not ready to fill you all in just yet. Soon, I promise.

But, just so you all know, I will probably be very scarce for the next few days. Don’t worry. I’m not running away. And, no, I’m not having a baby, either.

I’ll be back with lots of updates and more very soon. Don’t forget about little old me in the meantime!

Winners Page Updated

Winners!I’ve finally updated the winner’s page and sent an email to the winner of the Custom Covered Wipes Case.

Click here to see who won: Winners Page

Thanks to all who entered!

Winners Announced

I am so far behind. Between the snow storms, the kids being off of school for 4 weeks now, and everything else, I’m totally behind on everything! I’ve finally sent the kids back to school today, and I can finally catch up on everything. I’ve got a bunch of design orders to take care of, and one of my very top priorities was finally drawing winners for all the giveaways that have ended.

Good news! I’ve selected the winners, contacted each of them by email, and updated the winners page. You can check that page to see if you’re a winner. If you are, and you don’t see an email from me, send your info to angie {at} and I’ll make sure you get your prize!

Thanks for your patience through all of this! And if you want to see my latest Blogger to WordPress transfer that I’ve completed, head on over to and let her know what you think!

An Update on My Friend…

In case you haven’t been by here before, last week, I asked for prayers for a very dear friend of mine. You see, at her ultrasound right before Christmas, she was told her baby most likely had Ventriculomegaly AND Hydrocephalus. It was very scary, and it was heartbreaking news for anyone to hear.

Yesterday, she had her Level 2 ultrasound to follow up. I prayed all day that things would go better than expected, and that things were not as bad as originally thought.

Then, I got this message:
“Caleb has been born into Heaven….no heartbeat found today on ultrasound. He is where no birth defect could ever harm him.”

My heart fell into my stomach. I didn’t understand it. Why would God take another baby from a woman who deserved it so much? I know she already loved that baby more than words could ever express. Why would God allow her to suffer through so much pain?

No, it’s not my place to question God. He has a plan, and He is faithful. But, I’m human. I don’t want to see my friend hurting like this.

She has an appointment tomorrow (today? I’m not sure because of the time zone difference) to see if they will do a D&E or if they will allow her to go naturally. If she goes naturally, she could hemorrhage because of the placenta previa. It all just seems like so much for one family to take on.

Please continue to pray for my sweet friend. She needs your prayers now more than ever. And if you could, leave a comment here and let her know that you’re praying for her. She may not be ready to read them yet, but some day the comments here will come to be quite special to her.

Before I close, I want to leave you with a song that has become so special to me. I can’t find it online anywhere, just the words, but I hope they help uplift my friend, as well as anyone else who may be suffering today:

There is Hope

1st Verse: “Sometimes we go through trials that are so hard to bear,
We lift our face toward Heaven saying, ‘God, are you really there?’
I’ve asked that same question; yes, I’ve been down that road.

But looking back, I now can tell you, He’s alwys let me know…

Chorus: There is hope, so be strong, there is hope.
God has sent me here to tell you there is hope.
And he knows just what you’re going through and what the future holds.

Because Jesus lives, there is hope!

2nd Verse: He was bruised for our transgression, He was nailed upon the tree.
He cried out to His Father, ‘Why have you forsaken me?’
But, through my suffering Savior, He brought healing to our pain,

And the One who raised up from the dead can restore us all again.

(chorus again) add…

There is hope, there is hope. My Jesus still whispers, ‘There is hope.”
For the One who has gone astray, Jesus says ‘I am the way.’
Do don’t give up, there is hope!
And He knows just what you’re going through, and what the future holds.
Because Jesus lives (echo) Because Jesus lives,
So don’t give up, there is hope!

Words found here.

If you’d like to hear a preview of the song, or purchase it for just 99 cents, a friend of mine found it available here. It’s #5 on the list. Thank you, Lori for sending me the link!