Allow Me to Eat My Words…

Just recently I posted that I would be taking a break from blog designs.

Allow me to eat those words and retract my statement. Circumstances have drastically changed, and I am officially back to designing blogs and websites.

I am “not allowed” to discuss what happened, so please do not ask.  Believe me, if I could talk about it, I would. I need all the support I can get right now. But, I can’t. I must respect the wishes of the ones who asked me to stay quiet.

That being said, if you – or anyone you know – needs blog design work or any kind of website work done, please keep me in mind. I would really appreciate it.

I am looking forward to working with so many of you again. While I was looking forward to the break, I have met and made some amazing friends through my blog design business, and that’s always been one of my favorite perks of the job.

Thanks for putting up with me, and thanks for your continued support.