Testing the Windows 7 Phone

For the next few weeks, I will be testing out the Windows 7 Phone, and I am so excited!

With 6 kids, I need a phone that can keep me organized, allow me to access files, emails, contacts and more while on the go, and keep my kids entertained. I’ve been using the phone for a couple of weeks now, and already I can tell that this phone is going to fit the bill for this busy mom! I love how everything is completely organized. (I <3 organization!) The apps are easy to install and use, and the games? Well, they don’t compare to anything I’ve ever seen. I haven’t been using the phone long, but I’m already falling in love with it.

The following information was sent to me on behalf of the Microsoft Windows 7 phone:

According to a recent Microsoft survey, 90% of moms wish they had more time in a day and 69% of moms believe that being more organized is the key to getting time back.  In fact, moms cited that if they were able to get just 10 minutes back each day, they would be much happier.

By taking advantage of the latest phone technologies, moms can organize all the information they need to run a busy household while maintaining personal space and time.  With the ability to sync multiple calendars and appointments, spanning from personal to professional, and the ability to access directions instantly, mom can transition from Susie’s recital, to Billy’s soccer game, to her hair appointment – all thanks to her mobile technology.

There are tons of awesome apps that help moms keep their daily lives in order – and also tons of child-related apps that can keep Susie and Billy busy, whether you’re in the waiting room, airport or in the car.

I’ll be using the phone from now until August, and I will put up a follow-up post then and tell you exactly what I think about the phone – good or bad! I can’t wait to really put this to the test!

Have you tried the Windows 7 Phone? What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a representative from Airfoil Public Relations on behalf of the Windows 7 Phone. I have received a trial phone to use for a certain period of time, and will be required to send the phone back after the trial is over. I have not been compensated for this post in any way. The trial phone is simply to be used to gather my thoughts and opinions for a review.