Zippies – Pals that Hang Around {Review}

Having 6 kids, I am always looking for a fun way to label my kids’ stuff so they don’t lose it. Zippies have become our favorite way to do just that – and more!

For this review, the kids and I received a set of Series One Zippies pals. Immediately after they arrived, the kids each grabbed their favorites, wrote their name and my cell phone number on the back, and started attaching them to their favorite items. Zander and Jace each tagged their book bags and hung one from their belt loops. Parker put one on his belt loop and another on his shoe. Lucy wore one like a bracelet for days. Even my teenager got in on the fun and she attached one to her book bag.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen these Zippies all over the house, tagging all sorts of items. From baby dolls to drinking glasses, even hanging on towel racks so that everyone knows whose towel is hung where. My kids absolutely love Zippies.

There was one drawback: When the kids took the Zippies to school, the other kids were totally jealous and tried stealing the Zippies. Not cool. Luckily, we had labeled the back of them in permanent marker, so my kids were able to prove to the teachers that they did belong to them. We were then asked not to bring the Zippies back to school because everybody wanted them. I sent in a note to both of the boys’ teachers and gave them the website where parents can purchase Zippies. Maybe if enough kids start buying their own, then we can enjoy tagging the kids’ school stuff again. I would think teachers and other parents would appreciate having childrens’ items properly labeled so that things don’t get lost or stolen.

I am definitely looking forward to using Zippies this summer. We are always at the park, and we always have bottles of water with us. With Zippies, we can quickly and easily tag the bottles of water, and know which bottles are ours. This will prevent germs from spreading, and each kid will always know which bottle of water belongs to them.

I absolutely love Zippies, and I am so glad we were introduced to them! The kids loved the first set so much, that we can’t wait to see what Zippies they come out with next. I’m hoping for some more girly ones – daisies, hearts, bling… Other animals would be fun, too. Monkeys, giraffes, hippos… you get the drill.

For more information on Zippies, check out their website: You can also find Zippies on youtube, facebook and twitter.

I would highly recommend Zippies to any parent, and I know for a fact that my kids have been recommending them and showing them off to all of their friends.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a member of Rosica on behalf of Zippies. I recieved a set of Zippies as mentioned above in order to facilitate my review. I was in no other way compensated for this post, and opinions expressed are 100% my own.