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Thanks, MomThis year for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Proctor & Gamble kicked off their “Thank you Mom” program where they gave over 250 Olympic moms a gift to help defray the cost of getting to Vancouver to see their children compete in the games.

Now, they’re at it again! Proctor & Gamble is continuing this campaign and officially launched their “Thank You Mom Reunions” in honor of Mother’s day. They want to help you say “thanks, Mom” in a very special way – live and in person! This nationwide contest reunites Moms and their children for milestone family moments they otherwise might have missed.

Maybe your mom lives too far away to attend your son’s big karate tournament. Maybe you only get to see your mom at the holidays, and you’d love to have some extra “mom” time with her. Maybe your mom lives next door, but you’d like to have a special day with just you and her. No matter what the circumstances may be, Proctor & Gamble wants to help you and mom reconnect.

Each month, now through November, the “Thank You Mom Reunions” will bring together 15 moms and their children. Each winner will receive a $1000 gift card and a digital video camera.

Here’s how it works:

  • Head to www.thankyoumom.com and fill out the entry form along with the story of why you want to be reunited with your mom or the mom-like figure in your life.
  • The top 30 finalists will be selected, and consumers will vote for their favorite entries.
  • The top 15 selections each month will win the prize!

Click here for a full list of contest rules, prizes, and details.

I posted my entry, and stated that when I was younger, and lived in Chicago, I became very close friends with a lady in my church. She became like a second mother to me, and through the years, our friendship grew. Years later, I moved back to Ohio and started a family of my own. I haven’t seen my “other mom” in years, and because she’s unable to travel, she’s only met one of my children, even though we’ve kept in touch through the years. I would love the opportunity to take my family back to Chicago to meet my “other mom.”

So, what’s your story? I’d love to hear it!

Thank you Mom

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a representative of the One2One Network and asked to post about the Thank You Mom Reunions program. I was not compensated for this post in any way.

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