The Cast is GONE!

Praise the Lord and hallelujah! The cast on Lucy’s arm is GONE. On Wednesday, we drove down to the orthopedist’s office to have it removed, and I honestly could not be more happy to see it go.

For the last 3 and a half weeks, she has used this cast as a deadly weapon and hasn’t slowed down a bit because of it.

All day Monday and Tuesday, we talked about how we would be going to the doctor and how they would be taking her cast off. We explained that they would use a great big tickle machine to help take the cast off. (We did this to eliminate any fears of removing the cast with a saw from her arm.) In our house, the tickle monster is a symbol of fun and giggles, so by telling her that it was a tickle machine actually worked perfectly for Lucy.

We sat in the doctor’s office for what felt like forever, and they took us back to the room. The orthopedic doctor decided they would remove the cast and then assess the injury and how it’s healed by taking x-rays. He left the room, and the nurse came in to remove the cast. She pulled this big machine with a small saw on the end over to the table where I sat with Lucy in my lap. I explained to Lucy that this was just the tickle machine and that it wasn’t going to hurt at all. It would just be very noisy and tickle her, just like Mommy does when she’s the tickle monster.

Lucy did great! She sat so still and didn’t say a word or shed a tear the entire time the saw was going. After 2 long cuts, and about 5 minutes, the cast was completely off! Lucy’s arm looked disgusting. It was wrinkled like a prune and it was so dirty. And oh my gosh! The smell. ICK! We washed it really good, and they took her back to get x-rays of where the toddler injury had been.

Lucy sat so still during the x-rays too and got so many compliments from the x-ray tech. When she was done, they sent us back to the room and said the doctor would be in to discuss the x-rays.

Then, I got nervous. If the toddler injury hadn’t healed, Lucy would be put back into another cast, and we’d have a few more weeks of hell, I mean, a few more weeks of dealing with her deadly weapon.

The doctor came in and we went over the x-rays together. He showed me exactly where the injury was and how it was healing. It still showed a few small signs of weakness, but he said that it will heal on it’s own, no problem. The cast gave it the start that it needed to be able to heal on it’s own. Thank heavens kids heal so easily! Oh to be young again!

So, finally, the end of this injury. Or, maybe it’s just the beginning of all future injuries, I’m not sure. Either way, all I know is that I’m glad this cast is GONE, and my little girl can use her arm again – and not for just a weapon.

Angie Vinez (2894 Posts)

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    I'm so happy for you and Lucy looks so happy! ( well, she actually looks pretty happy in the picture with the cast too!)

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    What a relief for you. And what a cutie pie, Lucy sure looks happy.

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