The cookies were a hit!

Ashley happily passed out the fresh baked cookies to the Fed Ex and UPS drivers and thanked them for coming down our driveway so much lately. They were both very kind and thanked her sincerely. Our cranky mailman didn’t come down the driveway today, so he didn’t get his cookies. We’ll give them to him on his next trip down.

Anyway, I got a plethora of gifts today! One was a box from Kim that had over $500 worth of prizes in it. The prizes are from 17 different sponsors, so rather than post them all in one big, long post, I’ll break them up over several posts.

Here are the prizes that weren’t in the box from Kim and arrived separately:

First, a baby shower from Green Nest. I can’t wait to give this a try! The shower head removes Chlorine, dirt, and odors from the water. There is also an interesting fact about chlorine on the box that I didn’t know. It says: “Chlorine is universally used to control bacteria in water and chemically bonds with the proteins in the body, causing dry skin and hair, eye irritation/redness, and other health concerns. Chlorine is not only absorbed through the skin but vaporizes in the shower or bath and is inhaled directly into the lungs.” I had NO idea. Go check out – they have TONS of really cool items on their website.

Second, we got a covered travel wipes case from “Made by Angie.” I LOVE the fabric on this. She calls it the “Funky Monkey.” Too cute!

Third, we got a set of shampoo, conditioner, deodorizer, diaper rash cream, and moisturizer from Nature’s Baby Organics. Oh my gosh. It smells absolutely divine! I selected the Vanilla Tangerine scent, and it smells like heaven an orange creamsicle. Mmmmmm. I’m going to try this out tomorrow at bath time. I can’t wait!

Again, I have about 17 more items to post, but I want to make sure that each of the sponsors get seen. I’ll be breaking the next batch up over the next few days! Please take some time to visit the sponsors that interest you. It’s the least I can ask after all they’ve given to me!

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