The Green Crusaders (Review)

Anyone who knows my boys (or reads this blog) knows that they are Super-hero obsessed. After all, Parker’s name came from a Super-hero. So, when I had the opportunity to review The Green Crusaders: The Filaments See the Light, I jumped at the chance!

What a great story!! We hear all the time about everyone going “green” and how we should do our part to help the environment, but this book goes one step further and explains to kids (and adults!) why we should go green.

Written by Gary Hillery, and Illustrated by Jeff West, the book is centered around 3 Eco-superheroes: Recycle Mycle, Hydro Hannah and Kilowatt Karlos and their sidekicks Plastic Mastiff and Eco-Ally. They receive word that the Filaments are a family in eco-crisis and rush off to save the day!

The book offers lots of great tips – most of which we already know, we just may not be putting into play. My kids loved the entire story. The first time we read it, nobody moved a muscle. They were completely intrigued throughout the story. I ended up printing out the book, and we’ve read it over and over again.

Since reading the story, my kids have become more aware of things we need to change: they turn off lights when they leave the room, they unplug things that we’re not using, and so on. It’s wonderful to see them so excited about taking care of something as important as our earth.

This is such a fantastic book! If you want to teach your children how to be more eco-friendly, The Green Crusaders is the perfect place to start!

The book is available on CD and can be printed out or viewed directly on your computer screen. Click here to find out more information and to purchase your copy. It’s available to purchase for just $5! What a bargain!

Thank you, Green Crusaders! You’ve saved the day once again!

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    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says:

    WooHoo! It’s working!! 🙂

    Now to remember what it was I was going to comment on…(grin!)

    The book sounds like something the Princess Nagger would definitely enjoy – she has fun playing the games on eeko world online that teaches all about recycling and such…she keeps ‘educating’ hubby and I on that stuff…(smile!)

    Nice to ‘meet’ you through the MBC! 😉

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    This sounds like a really great book. My son is superhero obsessed too. And the great thing about this book is that there’s an educating story behind it. Great review.

  3. 3

    Yeah, I’m able to comment now!!!

    That sounds like such a good book and one that my children would probably learn a lot from. I’m constantly reminding them to turn lights off when they’re not in the room and all that good stuff but they just don’t seem to get it.

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