The Heart of My Home

Samsung Home Appliances and TwitterMoms have teamed up to create an easy blogging contest around one simple question: “Where Is the Heart of Your Home?”

To enter, all you have to do is answer the question above. So, here goes….

I am blessed to have a home bursting at the seams with love. And while every room is special for different reasons, there is one room that is the source of it all. The heart of our home is our living room.

Our living room is where 90% of our “family time” takes place. We do everything in our living room – from the mundane task of folding laundry and clipping coupons, to bigger events like family game night and heart to heart talks. The living room is where we open birthday presents, Christmas presents, and have all sorts of celebrations. I’ve spent hours on my knees in prayer in my living room. When all the kids have gone to bed, I’ll kneel at the couch and pray for each one of them that God will bless them and keep His hands on them. We have family devotions together in our living room every night, and some nights we love to snuggle up on the couch together and enjoy a great family movie. Everyone has a place to sit, and everyone feels at home in our living room.

During the school year, I teach my children in our living room. On rainy days, we’ll push the coffee table out of the way and have a picnic on the living room floor. On stormy nights, when the thunder roars and the lightning flahses, everyone brings their pillows and blankets to the living room and we have one big slumber party.

When family and friends stop by for a visit, the first stop is the living room. It’s not a fancy room, by any means, but it’s warm and inviting, and the perfect fit for anyone who happens our way. It’s a room where you can feel at ease and be yourself. Our living room is the one room where everyone can feel comfortable at any time. I’d be lost without my living room.

Thank you to Samsung Home Appliances and TwitterMoms for making me stop and realize how lucky I am to have my living room and all the love that comes with it.

If you’d like to learn more about the contest and enter yourself, click here. You might just win a new Samsung Washer & Dryer.

Please leave a comment and tell me where the heart of YOUR home is!

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    How great that you have a room you feel so comfortable in! It is a great thing to have a place to gather with your family.

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