The Honest Scrap Award

Suzi from Suzi Homemaker has become a very good friend and recently bestowed this award upon me. From what I have read, this award is given to bloggers who write from the heart. What an honor to receive it!

The rules are as follows:
a) List 10 honest things about yourself.
b) Pass the award on to seven bloggers whom you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

Now, I’m not sure what else I can confess besides this and this that won’t scare you off, but I’ll give it a shot!

1. I can’t stand to hear people chew. It doesn’t matter who it is, the sound kills me. No one wants to sit by me at family functions because of this.

2. I am hopelessly devoted to Pepsi. I must have one can a day – if not two. It is a horrible habit that I have never been able to break.

3. I bite my nails. All the time. I have tried everything to stop, but it’s a nervous habit that I’ve had since I was little. The only time I don’t bit them is when I have fake nails on. Those cost money, though, so that doesn’t happen very often.

4. I *love* to sing, and have been told that I have a beautiful voice. I sing to my kids every night. I’ve done this since they were born. We sing at home and in the car all the time. I’m so shy, though, that I just can’t bring myself to actually sing in front of our church. I wish I could. Maybe some day I’ll conquer this fear.

5. I am horrible about printing out photos and organizing them. I have over 30,000 pictures on my computer right now, and they’re a disorganized mess. My photos include client photos, my kids photos, and photos I’ve helped people edit.

6. I love kids. Always have. I always wanted a large family and am so blessed that God has given me 5 beautiful children of my own. My favorite job was as the head teacher in the 2 year old room of a daycare. I can tell you the name of every child I ever taught in that class. I loved them all like my own and it broke my heart when I left and moved back to Ohio. Leaving them behind was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

7. On the kid note – I am not afraid to tell someone else’s kid to behave. I’ve recently discovered that not all parents like this. LOL! However, if I see a child misbehaving or being disrespectful, I will call them out on it. I would want others to do the same to my kids.

8. I do not like vegetables. The only ones I will eat are corn, potatoes, and green beans. My husband loves raw veggies and it makes me gag when he eats them. And I wonder why my kids won’t eat their peas.

9. I believed in Santa Claus until I was 12. Part of my still wants to believe in him today. I have just always loved the “magic” of Christmas and the joy that Santa brought. And, yes, I know that Santa is not the true meaning of Christmas. But he sure is a fun part of it!

10. I hate talking on the phone. I have no idea why, I just do. There are certain people I talk to on the phone that don’t bother me, but client business, ordering products, etc., I would just rather do it online, through an email, or face to face. In fact, I’d much rather talk to anyone face to face than on the phone. Funny, because I used to talk on the phone so much that my parents had an extra line put in that went directly to my room. Could be why I don’t like it so much any more!

Ok, here are my 7 honest scrappers:

1. Natalie of Kummer’s Family Circus
2. Danielle of Danielle’s Daily Life
3. Vicki of Mystic Ramblings
4. Annmarie of A Little Piece of 7th Heaven
5. Dawn of Boy oh Boy oh Boy
6. Lori of Jewllori
7. Chris of What’s in Sissy’s Head

I have other awards I need to blog about and I promise to do that VERY soon!

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