The Last Day of School!

I am so, so happy that today was the last day of school! For the last few days, the kids and I have been working hard on making gifts for the boys’ teachers, and preparing for today.

Here are the gifts we made:

Ms. Jane's Gift
Ms Lisa's Gift
Those are Jace’s teachers’ gifts. Ms. Jane is the class helper, and Ms. Lisa was his teacher. They each got a candle that we decked out with their favorite flowers, and Ms. Lisa also got a handmade bracelet. I made the bracelet for her, and I love the way it turned out. here’s a close up:

teachers bracelet
Here’s Zander’s teacher’s gift:
mrs raymond's gift
She got a decorated candle, a matching frame, and a bracelet. She was such an amazing teacher, and exactly what Zander needed this year. Here’s a close up of her bracelet:
teacher bracelet
I hope the teachers enjoy their gifts.

As for us, I am SO glad we get to sleep in tomorrow…. as long as everyone cooperates!

When is the end of school for your kids? What kind of gifts do you give to the teachers?

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