The Missing Piece

We got a new washer and dryer installed today. The set that we picked is shown on the Kenmore commercial where the dog is sitting in front of the washer, watching it spin.

After the delivery guys hooked up the washer and dryer and left, my 5 year old, Jace, looked mortified.

Gene asked him what was wrong, and Jace’s eyes welled up with tears and asked, “But where’s the dog?”

He was convinced the dog came with the washer and dryer, and it broke his heart to find out otherwise.

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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    Adorable! Poor guy!

  2. 2
    The Stevens Family says:

    Oh, what a sweetheart! BTW, so jealous of your new washer/dryer. That model on the commercial looks AWESOME! 🙂

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