The most beautiful graduation ceremony…

Tonight, a dear, sweet young lady, whom I have come to love dearly, graduated from kindergarten this evening. The graduation ceremony was for all the kindergarteners and the senior who were graduating from a very small local Christian School. Because Madison has become so special to me, I felt that I had to be at her graduation. I took Ashley along, and we headed to the little Christian school and the church that hosts the school.

We got there, and found our seats. By 10 minutes into the ceremony, I was in tears. The kids quoted Bible verses, read short stories, sang songs, quoted poems they had learned. You could tell how hard they had all worked.

Then, Ms. Jodi sang a song that I will never forget. I’ve asked her for a copy of this song because it was truly the most beautiful song I have ever heard. It was called “Just Be There.” I was so glad I wore waterproof mascara, because at that point, I had lost it completely.

After that, Brother Tim, Gene’s dear friend (and builder of my beloved steps), spoke to the Senior graduate. Again, the tears flowed.

I am so glad I went tonight. It made Madison’s night to see Ashley and I there, and it made MY night that it meant so much to her. She is such a special girl, and I KNOW that God is going to bless her richly.

Not much of a pregnancy post today, I know, but I’m just so proud of Ms. Madison, I had to share.

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