The Mother’s Day Gift of Life

Several years ago, I received the most wonderful Mother’s Day gift from a friend. She had made me a bracelet. Each bead on the bracelet represented something different. She even went so far as to put my birthstone, my husband’s birthstone, and my childrens’ birthstones in the bracelet as well. Knowing that she took the time to think of me and use her time and her talents meant the world to me. It is a gift that I treasure and will hold dear to my heart for the rest of my life.

I believe that any gift that truly comes from the heart is the most meaningful gift you could give. When you take the time to think of someone, it really shows. When my kids make me a card all by themselves, it means more to me than any card they could have purchased at the store.

Do you have a friend, a wife, or know someone who is expecting a baby soon? Why not skip the flowers this Mother’s Day and give a truly heartfelt and life changing gift of Cord Blood Banking through Cryo-Cell U-Cord.

What makes this gift so special? Stem cells from umbilical cord blood are known to treat over 75 diseases. They have been used in over 10,000 transplants worldwide. Research is continually expanding, and who knows what amazing medical miracles these stem cells could help achieve!

I have a dear friend who is expecting her 4th baby right now. I would give anything to be able to give her Cord Blood Banking for her baby.

Here is some more information on Cryo-Cell:
Since 1992, Cryo-Cell has helped over 175,000 families worldwide preserve their newborn’s umbilical cord blood for potential use against many diseases. Along with cord blood banking, Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank is pioneering the way in research, to find more solutions to preserve stem cells in a noncontroversial way. Cord blood is just the first step in new medical advancements.

You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to preserve your baby’s cord blood, trust it to the experts at Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank.


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    cbdkndmom says:

    I used Cryo-Cell for both of my children. It is so easy to do and the storage fees are not unreasonable, I don’t understand why more people don’t do this. It is SO worth the peace of mind.

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