The paci-plushie is a HIT!

With the WRONG kid! 😉

I ordered the paci-plushie the other day, and it arrived in the mail this afternoon. (Talk about super fast shipping!!!) I opened it up to check it out, and Lucy snatched it right out of my hands. She refuses to let go of it.

She still uses a paci, but when I tried to connect it to her paci, she freaked out. She thought I had taken off the “baby monkey’s” paci!

She’s still walking around the house, her “baby monkey” wrapped up in a piece of fabric she found, and has it snuggled up in her neck. It’s very, very sweet.

So, it’s a definite hit around here. I’m just going to have to figure out how to get it away from her so that it’ll still be usable for Parker!

I’ll try to get a picture soon. I’m just really not doing anything today, but I HAD to tell you all how adorable the paci-plushie is!

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    I bet that won’t be the only thing little Parker has to share.

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