The True Meaning of Christmas….

I am struggling with keeping the true meaning of Christmas in the minds of my children this year. I know. Kids are young, and kids are selfish, but I’ve been blessed with some really great kids that will put the needs of others before themselves… especially my daughter, Ashley.

Yet every time I turn on the TV now, I’m bombarded with “I want that!” “Mom, think Santa will bring that for me?” Even Parker, my littlest one, can’t walk through a store without wanting everything in sight.

As a mom of 5 – soon to be 6 – and only one household income, we can’t afford to splurge on our kids at Christmas. Nor would I want to if we could afford it, because that’s not what Christmas is about to me. It’s about giving, not receiving, and about being with family, friends, and those you love. And it’s about Jesus. God gave us the greatest gift in His Son, and it’s a free gift. We couldn’t buy it for any amount of money.

Now, don’t get me wrong. My kids will get presents for Christmas, and I’m sure they’ll get several things from their list… probably more than they need. But, we won’t be going overboard with present after present – whether they like it or not. I’m just not ready to hear the complaints if they don’t get exactly what they asked for this year.

So, I come to my readers with this question: How do you keep the Spirit of Christmas alive in your house? How do you show your children that Christmas is about more than just presents under the tree and how much “stuff” you’ve got?

I need some real, genuine ideas for this. I want this to be a Christmas my kids will remember. Not because of the toys they find under the tree, but because of what they’ve done for someone else this year.


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    Lanamae Byler says:

    I know excatly what you are talking about! Tami is 3 and yes she will get presents and santa will come. This year I think she is old enough to kind of understand the true meaning of Christmas so we are going to make Jesus a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to Him. For a 3 year old I think that this will at least help her start to learn. Tami and I also took several bags of her clothes and toys, that she helped me go through, to a local charity for people who need them more than we needed to sell them to make a couple bucks. I grew up knowing what christmas was really about and donating things, and going to the nursing homes in town and singing and passing out gifts and I don't want my daughter to think it's all about getting. Now that I'm a parent, it's a lot easier to see how much better it is and good it makes you feel to give than to recieve. I hope that I could help you …even if in a small way!

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    Last Christmas my family didn't have anything at all- (1 income turned into 0 about 6 months before Christmas). I worried and fretted and cried nightly to myself. During the day I smiled for my son.
    I told him in the weeks before Xmas not to be upset if there were no presents. I told the real meaning of Christmas was the love of family and told him there were lots of kids who didn't even have a family to love them. He suggested we wrap up one of his old toys and put it under the tree. Then just a few days before Christmas, a friend sent us a care package in the mail- there weren't any toys but we felt so humbled that even in the darkest hours someone remembered us. I vowed to do the same this year if our tiny budget allowed and so far God has been good to us. No job yet even though we've been going on lots of interviews but at least we learnednever to take anything for granted. You just never know what will happen to you in life just appreciate your family and loved ones and remember that while there is life there is hope!
    PS- This is the 1st time I've shared this with anybody- not even family (I was too embarassed).

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    Short on cash? Nothing beats a good old fashioned ( and yes, messy, but FUN) Molasses Taffy pull- use some of the batch to create popcorn balls, too. Christmas Day Pancakes: Add bananas, cinnamon, or even cocoa to the batter. Most importantly, your kids will have fond memories.

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    I struggle with this, too – wanting to start our little family with good Christmas traditions and show my daughter that Christmas isn't all about presents. I remember being a kid and how hard it was seeing all of the presents under other kids' trees, though. And my parents provided a LOT – there will always be someone who goes a little crazier. I would like to make more handmade things for Christmases and definitely don't get into the rush. Emma hasn't started saying "I want" yet, either. When that comes I know it'll be a little harder. I already feel like I want to get her everything I see just because I love her so much. I've kept it down to only about three presents, though. Course I review, too – so it's not like she's short on toys.

    I think just trying to keep good Christmas traditions that keep the focus on Jesus and gently reminding your kids of this throughout the month as Christmas gets closer is all you can do. They'll remember the traditions, not the presents anyway. 🙂

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    Chrysanthemum: humored, delighted, and enlightened says:

    I'm excited that this is my first Christmas as a married woman! We have no kids, but growing up we did spend a lot of our time saying "I want" and we were blessed. This year, my husband and I have had the privilege to give to several missions and pack presents for Operation Christmas Child. We loved it. I'm looking forward to doing more for the needy next year and especially when we have kids. People struggle at this time of the year and God rewards those richly who look after the poor, widows, and orphans. Can't wait! I'm so excited to share it with my kids (whenever we have them.)

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