The Truth About the First Trimester

Don’t let the title scare you. I do know women that have loved their first trimester. Their boobs got perky, they didn’t gain any weight, and they never had a moment of morning sickness.

I hate them.

Ok. No I don’t. But for me, the first trimester has never been sunshine and roses. I’ve always counted off the days, praying to make it to the second trimester, just because I knew relief would be on the way.

The first trimester is full of ups and downs. Physically, emotionally, and in every way imaginable.

Physically, you go through all sorts of changes. Your boobs get bigger (although, it took 5 pregnancies for that actually to hold true for me), and they hurt all the time. You look more like you’ve been hanging out at the local doughnut shop instead of like you’re pregnant. Your clothes don’t fit, and you just feel tired all the time. And, if you’re really lucky, you get to deal with morning sickness. Which really doesn’t just happen in the morning. It can last all day long for weeks on end.

Emotionally, your hormones are haywire. You cry at tv commercials, and you get angry when your husband wants to watch the football game instead of the sappy love story you were watching.

You either want sex all the time, or the thought of it makes you ill. There is no in between.

You crave watermelon in February, and Taco Bell at 3 o’clock in the morning. The foods you once loved now make you gag at the mere mention of them.

But, even with all of that, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The first trimester only lasts a little more than 13 weeks, and usually you don’t even find out you’re pregnant until you’re at least 4 – 5 weeks into the pregnancy. It’s the quickest of the three trimesters, but it can definitely be one of the most difficult.

During the first trimester, your baby grows by leaps and bounds. Here is a 6 week ultrasound picture and an 8 week ultrasound picture:

See how much the baby changes in just a few weeks? It’s absolutely amazing. During the first trimester, make sure you’re taking your prenatal vitamins and make sure you’re eating healthy. Pregnant moms to be need an extra 300 calories per day, and while you may be craving sweets all the time, try to make those extra 300 calories good calories. Lots of protein, veggies, and fruits will be good for both you and the baby. Is broccoli a major turn off right now? Opt for strawberries instead. They offer lots of the same vitamins and nutrients. (Just keep the whipped cream to a minimum.)

Need morning sickness tips? This pregnancy has been the worst – by far – when it comes to morning sickness. It started before I even found out I was pregnant, and is finally starting to slow down – at a little over 13 weeks. Here are some of the ways I’ve found to help calm the morning sickness…. usually:

  • Lemon Drops – I lived on these the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. They’re a lemon-flavored hard candy, and they’re cheap. But, they’re the only way I was able to make it through a church service without running for the bathroom every 5 minutes. Sometimes plain old hard candy (or suckers) will work, but for me, I needed the sour taste of the lemon to keep the morning sickness at bay.
  • Don’t go to bed on an empty stomach. Eat a light snack before bed. Cheese and crackers worked best for me, but if you have heartburn, dairy products can aggravate that, so just stick to the crackers.
  • Keep crackers on your nightstand beside you at night. Munch on a couple of them before you even get out of bed in the morning. (I know, cracker crumbs in the bed are no fun, but neither is spending every morning with your head in the porcelain throne.)
  • Don’t let your stomach get empty. Eat lots of small meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals. Believe me, this will make a real difference.

The first trimester is difficult, but it doesn’t last forever. The second trimester is just on the horizon, and it’s usually a whole lot easier on the mom to be.

Do you have tips for getting through the first trimester? Anything I’ve forgotten? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to read them, and I know the other moms to be that are in the thick of their first trimester would love to read them as well.

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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    This second pregnancy, the first trimester was hellish! Exactly how you described it to be for you actually, and I love your comparing how we look to looking like we've been hanging out at a doughnut shop. lol SO true and despite being sick I gained a lot because I felt better when I was eating. Oh, that was a curse. Now I'm trying not to gain too much more for the second and third trimesters. Oh well!

    I have a friend who threw up every day of her first trimester, and another one who wasn't sick for any of her three pregnancies and wants more kids. When I'm pregnant I never think I want more kids. haha


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