The Yard Sale Rocked!

On Saturday, I posted that I was participating in my first ever yard sale. It was hosted by my MIL’s apartment complex.

When I first arrived, I expected the day to be a nightmare. The complex neglected to inform anyone that they needed to supply their own tables for the yard sale. There were no signs near the entrance, nothing. I was certain I was going to spend 6 hours sitting outside for absolutely nothing.

Boy, was I wrong. I had a ton of baby girl stuff set out, and with everyone on earth (except me!… and Lindsey from Kindred Spirit Mommy) having little girls, the stuff went pretty well.

Around 1pm, all the old people hosting sales got tired of sitting around and closed up shop. That meant all the tables by the road (that were actually bringing people in!) went bye-bye, and we still had 2 hours left! So, I enlisted my 13 year old and her friend to make some big signs and stand by the road, waving people in. We actually got quite a few more customers because of them! Although, I have to interject with something here, I had to make Ash run back in and make a new sign because her first one said, “Make me an offer! Name Your Price!” I didn’t want her arrested for soliciting herself!

Overall, I ended up making a $62 profit for the day, which isn’t bad at all for as cruddy as the yard sale exposure was. Of course, I then went out and spent $20 of my profit on stuff at other people’s yard sales in the complex, but I still walked away with $42 more than I had that morning. Not too shabby!

At one point I sent hubby a text and told him I wanted to do this every weekend. What a great way to get rid of the junk around here and bring in some extra money! Of course, we’d have to find somewhere to hold the yard sale. Anyone offering their yard?

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    You can use our yard! A double yard sale is much more fun than sitting by yourself waiting for people to come in, haha. Plus I live on a great road for it. Better do it now before it gets too cold!

    And I know a LOT of people having boys! Just a few having girls… weird. Course it may just feel like a lot of boys because two of my sisters-in-law AND my brother-in-law had boys about a month ago within a week of each other, haha. That was nuts. All in the same family, and then me expecting one!

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    EmmysBoosAndRawrs says:

    My mom has yard sales every summer. She puts signs at all the nearby corners as well as signs at the nearby main roads that point over to us. She had a 3 day sale this summer and made over 100 on each of the 3 days and over 150 on saturday. It was mostly just kid stuff, too. & my mom buys most of her stuff at yard sales and garage sales so it wasn't like brand new stuff or anything.

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    shopannies says:

    sounds like a great day

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