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Since I’m no longer pregnant, it felt funny posting on a blog only about my pregnancy. Rather than move everything to a new blog, I’ve kept the link, but have changed the name and the look. What do you think? I designed this months ago and have been dying to use it. 🙂

I survived my first night AND day at home with 5 kids. Parker is SUCH an easy baby. Only took me 5 tries to get one! He eats really well, sleeps REALLY well, and lets the other kids just love all over him… which they do! I’m so glad he can sleep through noise because my kids do not know how to be quiet.

I am really enjoying having a newborn in the house again. I usually have the hardest time with the newborn stage, but Parker really makes it easy. I’d have 100 kids if they were all guaranteed to be just like him… AND I didn’t have all the scares that I did with my pregnancy with him!

I am still swelling like crazy. It’s mostly in my feet, calves, and back. It’s even worse than it was during the pregnancy, though. My skin is starting to crack and bleed from stretching so far. I spent an hour with cabbage leaves wrapped around my feet, hoping to draw out some of the water, but after an hour of NO relief and only being able to smell the stinky cabbage, I gave up. I really wish I could get some relief from this. I go to the doctor on Thursday, and if it’s not better by then, I’m asking about a water pill or something. This is crazy.

I’m off to bed now. Night 2 starts now. Parker just ate and fell asleep, so I’m going to grab some shut eye while I can.

More updates soon! Check my twitpic account for more pictures.

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Angie is a wife and mother to 8. Her life revolves around cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other household duties. She is passionate about her life in Christ and wants to encourage other mothers in their own walk of faith. Angie is active on many social media networks, loves technology, photography, and graphic design, and loves creating blog designs for other mom bloggers.


  1. 1
    3 Kids and Us says:

    He’s such a cutie pie. Glad to hear you finally got an easy one. I sure hope your swelling goes down, that sounds just awful.

  2. 2

    The blog looks great. I was hoping you would keep blogging.

  3. 3
    Suzi Homemaker says:

    Angie — Congratulations! He’s beautiful! And I LOVE your new banner! I do hope your swelling eases soon. I swelled after my last one and it lasted a week–not nearly as bad as yours, tho. Cannot believe you’re blogging and sending out emails so soon after giving birth–you are AMAZING! God Bless you and your beautifully large family!

  4. 4
    3 Kids and Us says:

    Crap, I feel bad, I came and left a comment and forgot to mention the new layout! It looks perfect! Now you just need to add one more girl in the mix and you can sport the Brady Bunch theme. 🙂

  5. 5

    Your new layout looks great. I love it.

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