There’s a Cow Outside!

Before we left for Ohio, we were having problems with a cow getting into our yard about 10 times a day. We’d fix the fence, and she’d pull it back down. I even took a nasty fall while trying to get her back in the pasture. Such a pain!

As I was trying to think of something to post while we’re gone, I happened across this old post:

“Randall, there is a cow outside.”
“It’s a cow farm. You’re gonna find cows outside.”
“No, I mean right outside. Looming. Like a ghost… Like a… a reaper.”
“Naw, cows don’t like houses much. They prefer it out in the meadow, where they can get a graze on!”

Wereally had a cow “right outside.” Not so sure that it was looming asmuch as it was eating up our lawn, but there was a cow out there.

Idid my darnedest to get the cow back in the pasture through the gate,but it was to no avail. Apparently, I look too much like an unwelcomerelative and she retreated up the driveway. I woke up hubby and senthim after her. He got to the top of the driveway just in time to watcha car honking its horn, scaring the cow even farther down the road.

Theseare not our cows, but someone who rents the land from my grandpa.Unfortunately, these cows have tried – on more than one occasion – totake over our yard. The do-wappy little fence we have around our yardisn’t enough to keep them out.

The cow is back in the pasture now, and the cows’ owner hasfixed the fence – for now. But, it’s been our experience over the lastyear, that once a cow gets into our yard once, she’s back in thereseveral times again. Unless he takes this cow to another one of hispastures, I fear we’ll have more dealings with her looming in our yard.

If you can even believe it, it is still the exact same cow that’s getting in our yard, and it’s been a year since I posted that! Me thinks that Suzy needs to find a new home. My freezer would be a good place to start. Steak, anyone?

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    Ida Red (aka Richele) says:

    LOL! I have the same squirrel coming around my house. My 4 year old named it strawberry. The thing comes on my porch and looks into my screen door. lol. I'd rather a cow because squirrel meat won't go very far with a family of 6. 🙂

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