This pregnancy is doing wonders for my diet!

I have had the biggest craving for Peanut Butter cookies today. Not sure why, but I just want them. So, I pulled out my trusty recipe that I found online awhile back. (You can find the recipe here. They really are the world’s best cookies!)

Anyway, I go through the whole process and make 6 dozen cookies. I bite into the first one, and GET SICK! Apparently, I was only craving the smell. My body couldn’t handle actually eating them.

So, here I sit with 6 dozen cookies. Good thing the kids and the hubby like them, but 6 DOZEN cookies? LOL. I think I’ll be giving some away at church tomorrow.

So, obviously this is why I’m not gaining much weight this pregnancy. I have lots of cravings, but when I actually try to eat anything, I end up getting sick. Crazy!

Anybody want a peanut butter cookie? We’ve got a few to spare…..

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    Danielle says:

    I always like to substitute peanut butter for almond or cashew butter in these cookie recipes.

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