Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer (Review)

One must-have item every baby needs is a bouncer seat. It allows mom to put baby down for a moment, and gives baby the comfort and stimulation that he needs.

Recently, Tiny Love, a leader in the developmental toy industry, announced their leap into the baby gear division and introduced the Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer. Before I get to my review of the Gymini Bouncer, here’s a bit of information about it:

For ages 0+ months, Tiny Love paves the way for unique fashion and fantasy toy production in the infant arena.

The unique, adjustable arches for multiple positions allow easy of getting baby in and out of the seat as well as various positioning toys. Three hanging toys can be moved along the arches for different views and play. The additional access brings the parent/caregiver closer to the child for better eye-to-eye and physical contact.

The Gymini Bouncer features baby activated lights and music with a take-along electronic crab that clips onto the soft, plush arches for both side and front views to engage the baby during play time. With the easy on/easy off feature, the musical crab can be moved to a stroller for all day use

Tiny Love’s new bouncer features soothing time with calming vibrations during rest time with an easy-to-access on-off switch. Additional elements include a hippo rattle, rattle teether and soft, washable padded mat complete with a fashionable animal print motif. The Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer retails for $49.99 at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Target.com, Diapers.com, and many juvenile and specialty retailers nationwide. Visit www.TinyLove.com.

My Review of the Gymini Bouncer
While I don’t have a baby at home to use the bouncer, I will soon. And it’s important to me that I know how things work, how they look, and how sturdy they are before I even consider placing my baby in them.

The bouncer came disassembled in the box. At first, I was nervous. It looked really, really complicated. I separated all of the pieces, and opened up the instruction manual. In minutes, I had the entire bouncer put together and ready to test out. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to assemble, and the only tool required was a Phillips head screwdriver. (You also need scissors to cut the bands that hold the pieces together in the box.)

After the bouncer was put together, Parker and Lucy both got so excited! Lucy kept asking if the baby was coming out so we could put “her” in the bouncy seat. And Parker kept proclaiming that it was his toy, and was very clear that no baby was going to take it from him.

We found one of Lucy’s baby dolls and buckled her into the seat. The kids turned on the crab toy that lights up and plays music, and Lucy turned on the vibration mode on the seat. I’m pretty sure that baby doll was in heaven.

There are several things I love about this bouncer:

  • It’s sturdy. The legs are strong and will definitely support baby safely. I’ve had bouncy seats in the past where baby’s butt rubbed on the ground because the legs gave out and bent downward. These legs seem very sturdy, though, and I don’t see that happening this time around. And, Parker climbed in the bouncer several times. It held him well and showed no sign of giving out. (Please note: The weight limit on the bouncer is 25 pounds. That’s great for moms with chunkier babies – of which I’ve had several. You may want to stop putting your baby in the bouncer once they’re able to sit up on their own as a safety precaution.)
  • It’s super cute! I love the bright colors, the animals, and the side bars that you can attach toys to. It’s a very attractive bouncer seat and it would fit in with any type of decor.
  • It’s easy to clean. This is a HUGE plus! I tend to use the baby seat to put baby in for those first taste of baby food feedings. It gets so messy, and wiping off the bouncer seat can be a nightmare. Not with this bouncer, though! The material is fantastic and wipes off clean quickly and easily. And if it needs washed, it’s easy to remove and toss in the washing machine. This busy mom loves that feature!!
  • You can quickly and easily attach toys to the sidebars. The sidebar features are awesome. It comes with several toys, but you can easily link on more (or less), and the sidebars quickly move out of the way when it’s time to take baby out.

Overall, this is an excellent bouncer seat, and I can’t wait to use it on my real baby instead of our baby dolls! I’m thrilled that it’s sturdy enough that it will last long enough for baby to get here and then some! I love the Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer and would definitely recommend it to any mom to be or mom with a newborn.

You can purchase the Gymini Bouncer at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Target.com, Diapers.com, and lots of other juvenile and specialty retailers nationwide. At $49.99, it’s an excellent value for a product that will last the first year of baby’s life!

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a representative from Steinreich Communications on behalf of Tiny Love. I received a Gymini Bouncer to facilitate my honest and candid review. I was in no other way compensated for this post. Opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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