Today’s doctor appointment

Went pretty well. Pretty basic stuff. I lost 2 pounds, so I’m happy, as long as baby is growing ok. 🙂 Doc said she would like to see me gain a bit over the next month, though.

Did the urine test, the iron test, blood pressure, etc. Everything was just fine.

Doc came in, and we talked for a bit. She thought I sounded miserable, so she checked me out. Apparently, I have a very severe sinus infection on top of allergies. My throat was all gunked up, and my sinuses are swollen. She prescribed me Claritin and Zythromax, and I’m hoping they kick in soon. Still nothing they can do about the back, though. I just suffer through, or find a chiropractor who will take on a pregnant patient.

We listened to the heartbeat, and the baby was kicking like a soccer champ the entire time she held the doppler on my stomach. I couldn’t feel it, but we sure could hear it! Heartrate was perfect – in the 150’s. Uterus is measuring just fine, too. No concerns with baby right now at all.

I also told her that I’ll be getting baptized on Sunday, and wanted to make sure she didn’t have any concerns about that. She’s so sweet, she got SO excited, and said, “Nope! No restrictions! The Lord will take care of you!” So, we’re on for Sunday…. someone psych me up for it!

On the way out, she called the high risk OB that I’ll be seeing. She wanted to set up the initial u/s with him, and rather than waiting until 20 weeks, they said they wanted to do it asap. They said they’d rather check the cord and everything now, so they’re a little more prepared if they (we) have to deal with the unexpected. So, YAY!!! We’ll get to see our little peanut in TWO DAYS!! And, I can finally prove to you all that I know what I’m talking about, and this is indeed a boy! 😉

So, I’ll have another update – and more pictures, I hope! – very soon!! Can’t wait until Friday!!

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    Prim Chic says:

    I’m so sorry that you are having a miserable time. I will pray for you. WOW – being baptized on Sunday, that is wonderful. If you need anything – even just a friend to talk to, please do not hesitate. I know what it’s like to be considered “high risk pregnancy” – not alot of fun.

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