Today’s packages….

Today, I received 3 packages. However, for reasons you will soon understand, I am going to do them as 3 separate posts.

I received packages from the following sponsors: Boogie Wipes, Swaddle Designs, and Petit Baby. Boogie Wipes has asked me to do a review and a giveaway, so I’m going to use the stuff they sent over the next few days and will post my review and giveaway on Monday. Swaddle Designs went above and beyond, and I want to make sure they get proper recognition for their amazing kindness and generosity. (Let me say that it was extremely generous of every single sponsor to send any item, and they are ALL so appreciated. Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. I am so grateful for everything.)

Here is the absolutely ADORABLE bear and discovery box from Petit Baby:
I opened this right away, and the bear caught Lucy’s eye. She has officially stolen it from Parker and now drags it all over the house. She loves it! And, I’m putting the discovery box away and will wrap it as a Christmas present for Parker. It’s perfect!!

I also wanted to show off the reusable bags I got in the large box from Kim:
From Green World Bags, 4 gorgeous reusable bags:
From SKN – 1 reusable bag:
From One Bag at a Time, 5 fabulous reusable bags:
From Rume – 3 awesome reusable bags: (These are already in the diaper bag. Perfect for messy clothes that you need somewhere to put!)
And, from Lucy Crow, 3 awesome reusable gift bags: (The sock monkey bag ROCKS!)
Really great stuff, and now I can take all of these bags to the grocery store and not end up with a bazillion of those stupid plastic bags. I love it!!

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    Some stores will give you a nickel off of your order for each bag they use. Walmart does not, though.

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