Toddler Fear – My Child is Afraid of Pajamas!

As a mom of 6, one would think that I’ve seen just about everything. And I really have. In fact, I’ve dealt with many toddler fears in all my years of parenting. We had the fear of the dark, fear of the bathtub, fear of bugs, fear of loud noises, fear of the vacuum… lots of different fears from lots of different kids.

However, Gage’s fear of pajamas really has me stumped. Never have a seen a toddler fear quite like this.

It started about a week ago. We put Gage in a pair of footy pajamas, and he discovered there was a small circle-shaped hole in the bottom of one of the feet. He freaked out. He screamed bloody murder until we removed the pajamas.

Ok, this is just a one-time thing, and he’ll get over it. Right?


Little did I know this was just the beginning of the toddler fear, and things were going to get much, much worse.

That night, we put him in a pair of pajamas without feet. He slept fine. I figured the crisis had been averted and we were back on our way to restful nights.


We did ok for 2 nights. And then we got word that it was going to drop into the 30s at night. We didn’t have new filters for our furnace, so we didn’t want to turn on the heat. I bundled all the kids up like Eskimos that night. I had Gage in the non-footy pajamas, socks, and then a pair of footy pajamas (without a hole in the foot) over top of that. I wanted to make sure he was going to stay warm enough all night.

He went to bed all right that night, but he woke up around midnight and proceeded to scream bloody murder all over again. So, I took off the footy pajamas. He still screamed… for 2 hours straight. At this point, I was worried. Something else had to be wrong. Was it another ear infection? Was something hurting him? What was going on with my child?

I never did get anymore sleep that night, and Gage slept most of the next day – after I got him dressed.

That night, I went to put his pajamas on him, and he screamed like crazy all over again.

His toddler fear is a fear of pajamas. He just can’t sleep if he’s wearing them.

What in the world?!

For the past few nights, we’ve put Gage to bed in sweat pants and a long sleeved onesie, and he’s been just fine. No screaming, no waking up at night, nothing. He is just fine as long as I don’t try to put pajamas on him.

This truly has to be the craziest toddler fear I have ever seen. I’m hoping it’s just a phase and that someday I don’t have a 12 year old that’s still afraid of pajamas. 😉 Any advice on how to make sure that doesn’t happen?

Tell me: What’s the craziest toddler fear you have ever heard of or experienced? 

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  1. 1

    I have no advice, but love the story. Hopefully your litte one gets over his fear soon. It’s winter!

  2. 2

    That is quite a strange fear…my kids are basically afraid if every Disney movie ever made, but not pajamas!

  3. 3

    Weird! Is it something about the way the pjs feel? I know a lot of times they are that fuzzy material inside, maybe that’s bothering him? Or maybe he’s feeling claustrophobic with one piece pjs covering his whole body. Strange!

  4. 4

    I have no advice. Have you tried showing him that there are no holes? Have you tried asking him what bothers him (is he old enough to tell you)? I wish I had more advice. If you figure out a solution I would love to know what it was.


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