Too Many Doctor Visits!

On Monday, Ashley had an eye doctor appointment. She’s been complaining about headaches and blurry vision when she reads, and I knew it was time to get her into the eye doctor. After searching forever to find one that would actually take our insurance, we spent the day driving to and from the eye doctor’s office.

They eye doctor was wonderful. He looked just like Howard Cunningham from Happy Days. So incredibly nice, and made Ashley feel comfortable right away. After just a few minutes with her, he discovered that she has an astigmatism in both eyes, and it’s causing her to strain her eyes to focus. He put her in some test glasses, and she couldn’t believe the difference. She didn’t even want to take the hideous things off because they helped her so much. He had her try on some frames and she settled on some simple copper wire frames. They’re totally cute, and they’re perfect for her. Plus they look great with her new hair cut. We’ll drive back out that way later this week or early next week to get them. She can’t wait.

Lucy had her 3 year well visit yesterday. I was actually really looking forward to this well visit because I wanted to show off how much Lucy has improved over the past year. She sings, dances, jumps, kicks, and chatters at super speed and hasn’t stopped since she finally figured out how.

Lucy was really nervous about this visit. She kept saying, “Mama, I not sick! Why I need to go to the doctor?” Poor thing cried and pleaded with my not to take her. But, once we got there, she was just fine. She put on a show for everyone in the waiting room, and had one lady laughing so hard that I thought she might pee her pants!
Back in the room, she was more than happy to show the doctor how much she had learned. The doctor went over her notes from last year’s well visit, and she’s like, “Wow. Is this the same kid you had in here last year?” I told her that it wasn’t 2 days after we left the speech therapist that Lucy started talking – and she hasn’t stopped since. The doctor was quite impressed. I just beamed with pride. 🙂
One thing I do need to work on with Lucy is her fine motor skills – specifically her writing and drawing skills. Lucy doesn’t like to just sit down and color or draw. She’s one that has to be up and moving all the time. Actually getting her to sit down long enough to put a pencil in her hand is next to impossible. But, the doctor mentioned at this well visit that she should be able to draw lines and circles – or close, and Lucy’s nowhere near ready for that yet.

So, all in all it was a good well visit. It was an easy well visit for sure, and that is always a good thing.

On Monday, I’ll take Jace to the ENT for his hearing test and to talk about his recurring strep throat. Next month we’ll have Parker’s well visit, and then I’m hoping we’ll be done with doctors for awhile. I’m exhausted – and so is my car! So much driving!

I’ll be sure to post pictures of Ashley’s new glasses as soon as she gets them.

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    Lori @ Prim 'n Purdy says:

    What about setting up an easel and letting her use fingerpaints (they make washable ones now). Or use chocolate/vanilla pudding so she can eat it too. We use these types of things for Mad's sensory issues, but they might work for a little one on the go.

    Or maybe some sidewalk chalk so she can be outside and still be "working".

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